New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. For the first time ever, Jiangsu TV and Hunan TV will not cohost a New Year Countdown Concert together. Instead, Hunan TV will cohost the concert with Taiwan’s CTV through satellite connection. The theme of the concert will be “open09 Happiness, I decide.” ee media’s Super Girls and Boys sang its peppy and catchy theme song of the same name: you can download it here.

ee media CEO Long Danni said that if the the decision is finalized, the concert will also reveal the new cast of F4 for the mainland of Meteor Garden as well as the theme song to the Super Boys musical, Le Huo Nan Hai.

H.Y. Music family

H.Y. Music family

Jiangsu TV will work with H.Y. Brothers and will feature Super Girl “traitors” Jane Zhang and Laure Shang, as well as Wang Leehom, David Tao, Karen Mok,  JJ Lin, Joanna Wang, Harlem Yu and Anson Hu.

Shanghai (Dragon) TV will feature BOBO,  Angela Zhang, Wilber Pan, Ai Dai, Eason Chan, Ruby Lin, Xue Zhqian, other My Hero and My Show contestants, etc.

7 thoughts on “New Year with the stars

  1. no wonder he disappeared in the video. Awww. I was hoping he would do a duet with He Jie, as they had originally advertised. Her awesome voice needs more recognization just like Jane’s. He Jie’s also extremely gorgeous and cheerful. Plus, she’s a good dancer. I feel like she could’ve been just as successful, if not more, had she been under better management. I mean, she can dance like Jolin (with more training, of course), sing like Jane and be hyper and cute like Ella. She was my favorite Super Girl out of 2005.
    Does anyone know where Leehom’s going? If he can’t sing a duet with He Jie, I hope he’ll hop over to Jiangsu and sing a duet with Jane.

  2. can’t wait
    you have to post it on youtube or ur blog or else i wont be able to see it
    btw, what new year is it? chinese or the january 01?

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