Laure Shang – Cpop’s French connection

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Super Girl winner Laure Shang Wenjie is going back to her French roots this month with her translated novel of La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh and a French song that she wrote the lyrics for. Laure will also hold her own symphonic concert on January 9th in Shanghai.

A La Claire Fontaine, showcasing her gorgeous voice in French and Chinese:

Before winning Super Girls with over 5 million votes, Laure Shang worked as a Chinese-French translator at a publishing house. And, according to all the French comments on youtube, she has an impeccable French accent.

I love her songs because they have a very artistic European feel to them. A La Claire Fontaine is a remake of French children’s song and the theme song to the Chinese-American-French(?) coproduction Painted Veil. All three mv’s of her album, Under Van Gogh’s Sky, were filmed in Europe (sponsored by the good ole’ Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur).

Laure singing French song Carmen live on Super Girls:

In case you're wondering, she does not know how to play this centuries old Austrian cello.

In case you're wondering, she does not know how to play this centuries old Austrian cello.

Even after becoming a singer, she still kept connections with her publisher. While everything entertainment basically stopped during the earthquake, she translated La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh. For an English summary of the book, go here .

Intro to her translation of La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh:

Grandpa, are we going near the shore?
In your eyes, I see the scenery of sadness.

Grandpa, can you tell me, what is ?
Please don’t leave me, I won’t cry or pout, and I’ll journey with you until the end of the Earth.

Grandpa, have you seen my doll? I miss her so much.
When the bomb fell, the doll’s house exploded like a blooming flower.

Grandpa, you’re crying……
The strings of heartbreaking rain seem unfitting in the fashionable city.

Monsieur Bark said, “there are so many addictions that people should break.”
Does he know that the feeling of loneliness can never be broken?

And finally, in the new movie “If You’re the One,” she was asked to write both the French and Chinese lyrics for the insert song, Quand je me regarde (When I look at you)/ Yi Shun Jian (One moment). She sang the French version and Jane Zhang sang the Chinese version. No mv has been released of the song.
One Moment, Jane Zhang’s Chinese version – lyrics by Laure Shang:


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  1. French and Chinese…my favorite languages. :D

    It would be wonderful if she could keep up the translations for books while she does her singing but I imagine she wouldn’t have the time.

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