A-One Sings Classic Chinese Song

So…I think this video clinched my growing like for still undebuted boyband A-One. Not only is their dancing impressive, but so is their singing. It was impressive enough to take me out of my break from this site, which I was very adamant about this time…really. I’ve always liked this song, and they sing it very beautifully and I hope they can continue singing Chinese traditional songs from time to time. From what I’ve seen, I know at least five members can sing really well, which imo is worth more than any fancy choreography they have.

A-One on Chinese Program, 民歌中国 (Chinese Cultural Songs),
Singing 小河淌水 (Small River Drips Water)

The video just shows three of the members, the leader and two others. I guess this is one of those times where the “3+X” thing actually comes into play. I just wish they would debut already with (another) MV or something.

4 thoughts on “A-One Sings Classic Chinese Song

  1. A-OK? Lol…you mean when I posted the video of A-One dancing? I don’t think I ever posted about AOK, at least not on this site. I’m still rather iffy on if they have potential or not. Their album didn’t seem like the product of five years, but maybe they were saving some songs for later?

    It is a beautiful song…I wouldn’t mind hearing it covered over and over by good artists. I love the Chinese classic songs.

  2. Gosh, when you mentioned A-One before I was thinking AOK. Can’t keep up all these young’uns. But 小河淌水 is such a beautiful song!

  3. I didn’t think so, but come to think of it you’re probably right. It’s really rare for Chinese TV programs to let stars sing live (at least until the no lip-synching law goes into affect) so this likely is lip-synched.

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