Wang Zheng – good girls can compose, too


Wang Zheng recently released her new album, No One Loves Me More Than You, whose main song of the same name quickly rose to the top of the Baidu charts, beating Jay Chou, Xue Zhiqian and Mayday.  She is part of a growing group of female singers, including Queen Wei, Tanya Chua, Cao Fang, and Ai Mengmeng, who have began writing most of their own songs. No One Loves Me More Than You,  lyrics by her, music by her and Lu Gengxu (of Age of Water and Wood) Wang Zheng began playing the violin and cello when she was five, joined a choir when she was seven, and learned the piano at the age of twelve. When she was sixteen, her composition “Xiang Ai” was included in Han Hong’s album. Since then, she has wrote many songs for other artists, most noticably three songs for Zhou Bichang.

Ehhh- sang by Zhou Bichang; music by Wang Zheng

In 2006, Wang Zheng became best known for her album, We Are All Good Kids. Then, Wang Zheng went into hiatus for two years, during which she got married,  had a kid, and continued to write songs. Recently, she signed with a new company formed by Qinghua graduates Shui Mu Nian Hua (Age of Water and Wood) and released her new album, No One Loves Me More Than You.  Shui Mu Nian Hua member Lu Gengxu wrote some of the songs, and the group sang with her in the main song,  of the same name. Lu Gengxu says that if she’s not popular in two years, he’ll quit the entertainment business. Here’s hoping neither of those two things comes to pass.

We are all good kids, music and lyrics by her:

8 thoughts on “Wang Zheng – good girls can compose, too

  1. I’ll have to give Wang Zheng a listen. :)

    Bibi is kind of weird. I’ve listened to her, but I didn’t like her right away. There may come a time when I’ll look back and like her, but not at the moment. It’s kind of funny, there was a link to a poll on a Jay Chou site recently, and someone pointed out that the “boy with the same last name as Jay” was winning. She does look rather like a boy, as she’s no prettier than a member of a boyband, and her voice isn’t the typical high voice you hear from girls in Chinese music. It’s easy to see why people would think she’s a guy.

  2. I guess they didn’t watch until 1:55? Her voice is beautiful there.

    I think it’s some sort of rebellious attitude in China. They are unconventional and very much themselves, and I think that’s what’s appealing about them.

    I think whenever “Cinderella” aka the girl version of my Hero comes out there may be some pretty ones. I don’t really know though.

  3. haha. wow. i actually thought for the first time people might regocnize bibi as a girl in that mv. it took me 6 months to figure out whether she was a guy or a girl. whats up with “supergirl” girls looking like guys.

  4. I thought the poster was talking about Lu Gengxu not Bibi but now I’m not sure.

    Btw…I edited this post because the group’s English name is Age of Water and Wood I think, officially.

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