Jackie Chan wants to make a movie for his parents


Jackie Chan’s company’s spokesperson says that Jackie would like to make a movie about his parents. He would like to invite Gong Li and Jiang Wen to act as his parents, although it’s still undecided. family

Jackie Chan’s father left his home Shandong due to destruction by war, and went to Nanjing. There, he became a spy for the Kuomingtang and changed his name from Fa Daolong to Chen Zhiping to hide his identity. After her first husband was killed by bombs from the Japanese army, Jackie’s mother was forced to illegally import opium for a living. At the time, his father was a police officer at the customs office. Once, his father caught his mother. He felt sorry for her and let her through, and that’s how they fell in love. The couple later moved to Taiwan and then Hong Kong, where Jackie was born.


7 thoughts on “Jackie Chan wants to make a movie for his parents

  1. Wow, his parents actually have a really interesting romantic story. Who knew that little women was a smuggler?

    Getting Gong Li is such a compliment to his mom. Jiang Wen…rofl? Not as much.

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