Milk@Coffee Gets Seven Nominations on Beijing Pop Music List

In the recently unveiled Chinese Music List 2008 Beijing Pop Music ceremony nomination list, new popular group Milk@Coffee, got seven nominations with their album “The Older the Lonelier”. They were not the only ones to get seven nominations, but they’re a bit more indie than the rest who did, so it’s fairly impressive. I feel like Chinese indie is becoming mainstream, which simply means it’s getting more noticed and more money, which is great. 80534ec482412462d18652f3c79d7551 It was nominated for best album, best composition, best lyrics, best music editing, best producer, best original composing artist and most popular group. With their first album, “Burn! Little Universe,” Milk@Coffee won “best new composing artist and “best new song” for their song “Lasia.” In their new album, the song of the same name, “the Older, the Lonelier,” was on the Chinese music list for 12 weeks.

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The More You Grow Up, The Lonelier it Gets MV

They also did a collab with Kungfoo Rap Group, under the Modern Sky Label, but I’m not sure what album this is on.

Anyone? Listen to Me (Rap)

Oh…and one of my favs from this album that was nominated: Through the Coral Sea

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  1. I know this topic is kinda old, but I was wondering if you know where I could buy this online… or if I have to bribe someone in China to get it xD

    I’m looking for both Milk@Coffee albums, plus Yuguo’s Babel

  2. Not really. They haven’t actually come out with anything I think yet; sorry.

    I’ll see if I can find anything to put up on youtube.

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