The New, Musically Talented, Meteor Garden Cast?


Ma Xueyang...the potential Huaze Lei/Rui.

Okay, so there’s been rumors going around about the new cast of F4, and while I don’t see any hard cold facts, it does seem legit that these four will be playing the Chinese F4, as leaked by a Hunan TV employee. I don’t usually like to post rumors but the final announcement is a month away, and I just wanted an excuse to post pictures and videos of these boys playing instruments. Despite my initial unwillingness to see the Chinese F4 be all from EE/Tianyu’s Superboys, since they aren’t exactly professional actors, and I wanted to see new faces, I think somwhere along the “casting process” I became resigned to the fact that they were going to use people from their own company and this is probably is as good as it gets if it does come to that. I trust Hunan TV to some degree. They’ve made very little misteps in their excellent series, choose people right for the parts, and have great scripts. They said the script was actually already completed so I’m guessing it’s good for this one as well.

Please credit if taking out information or pictures to elsewhere.

In order of least important to most important in terms of characters. I edited this posts because I found pictures where they looked preppy.

Wei Chen – Xi Men/Akira

f9e59aef0fe027322cf534a9 He’s the one with the most acting experience, and yet the one with the smallest role. Oh well. He does fit this role, although he would have fit the role of Huaze Lei/Rui really, really well too.

Playing the Piano

Playing Chinese instrument Hu Lu Shi, singing JJ Lin’s One Thousand Years Later

Liu Zhoucheng – Mei Zuo/ Sojirou


He seems like he would be great for the role.

Playing Jay Chou’s Rainbow on the guitar, which he learned in a couple of months, for his fans. He is probably the least musically talented of the four but that’s okay. We’re looking for acting skills, not musical talent…whoops, wait are we? I’m confused.

Ma Xueyang – Huaze Lei/ Rui



He has the demeanor for it, but can a musician act? Let’s hope so.

Playing Bond’s Explosive. He knows a bunch of other instruments, but the violin is his love <3.

Yu Haoming – Dao Mingsi/ Domiyoji



He was the only one of the Superboys who I thought could suit this role personality-wise, except Wang Yuexin (poor baby needs a cameo in this) who would have been perfect but is instead off perfecting his dolphin register singing or something, so yay I guess. I changed this video because the horrendous violin totally covers up his singing and dancing skills. And the MV was done before, and the Harry Potter dancing didn’t let me have an excuse to post something with Wang Yuexin, where they sing because that is their strong point. Instead, lets enjoy him and Wang Yuexin, together like it was meant to be. (Haoming is the taller one btw…)

I think Zhang Jiani (girl from Dream Links) may be playing Shan Cai/Tsukushi. She’s too pretty for it, but oh well. I’m not sure on this one yet. Nevermind ….they’re casting her through auditions all throughout January and they’re looking for someone born in the 90s.


I wish Gao Xiaochen was Domyouji, but that ain’t ever going to happen. But he pulls off the permed hair so well. And he’s so tall…!


32 thoughts on “The New, Musically Talented, Meteor Garden Cast?

  1. hey i ,love the meteor garden when jerry yan ang barbie shu is there but
    i dont like the hanayoridango ,, ihate that thing i think meteor garden is better than hanayoridango and bof ,,,

    m eteor garden 4 evr

  2. I wouldn’t usually reply to something like this, but since Ma Xueyang got attacked…

    No. Just… no. He’s playing the piece very, very well – it’s not a technically difficult piece, but it’s one that is very, very bare bones – if you aren’t good, the piece falls flat. Vivaldi sounds decent even when played inexpressively; ‘Explosive’ doesn’t, and the fact that Mars can make it sound so good is ample proof of how good he is. Sure, he’s no Vanessa Mae, but he’s on par with Henry Lau. (Plus, he knows three other instruments!) He’s a professional violinist, for chrissake.

    Just listen to his vibrato work, the sliding shifts, the changes in dynamics, the crisp staccato… Xueyang is a great violinist, no doubt ’bout that. He just needs to attach a good mic to his violin so we can hear him better. >_>;

  3. Uhm…just so you know, Xi Men is Soujirou and Mei Zuo is Akira…you got them mixed up.

    I’m interested in seeing this when it comes out since I love MG – although I was disappointed with MG2 – and I also loved Japan’s HYD… I still have to find subs for tthe Korean version.

    Although, TBH, I prefer the TW’s F4 in terms of looks… although Ma Xueyang looks a little like Vic Zhou in the first picture at the top. O_O

  4. ugh, they shouldve picked Gao Xiaochen, he is soo goood loooking and his face is so proportionate, much more handsome than all the previous f4s

  5. Hah. first time that someone who can actually play the violin will act as rui. i’ve been sick of all the sucky violin-playing imitations since the 2nd hana yori dango version… its especially uncomfortable to watch since i play the violin ><

  6. is this the definite cast?
    i personally think there aree way too many hyd/meteor garden versions…taiwan, japanese, korean and now mainland…oh well i’m stil excited ^~^

  7. @ K: ya i totally agree with you, another reason y megan might think henry is better is because he dances while he plays the violin, while xueyang doesn’t

  8. @megan:
    err…so you’re saying that someone who has never played violin before can automatically use vibrato, play in tune and switch positions quickly?
    if that’s what you sounded like when you started out (which i doubt) then you must be one heck of a genius.
    this guy is talented, just admit it. trust me i would know , i’ve been playing violin for a long time~
    About henry lau, i think both are equally as talented. You probably think that henry is better because you usually hear him play very hard violin pieces such as vivaldi, etc.

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