HQ Stills from The New Three Kingdoms Drama

Despite the economic downturn, it seems that Chinese TV dramas are still plunging ahead with bigger and bigger budgets. Admist a lineup of already opulent productions for 2009 including The Legend of Bruce Lee and Dream of the Red Chamber, a new drama adaptation of the Three Kingdoms has already an estimated 100 million yuan budget (around 14 million USD), the highest budget for any drama ever made in China. Even its fairly famous cast, including Lu Yi, Peter Ho, Chen Hao, Ruby Lin, Victor Huang, and Nie Yuan, and what it must have cost to pay them,  does not seem to have affected the quality of the production.


This seems to be the scene where Zhao Yun (played by Nie Yuan) retrieves the infant A Dou. More below, along with a little information on who is playing what. Click on each for bigger.

Edit: This seems so out of place next to the happy Alan/Wei Chen picture.

The actor list, taken from the wikidrama for this. If I felt like all these actors could act, I’d be very much anticipating this drama, since the quality looks almost movie-like.

Chen Jian Bin as Cao Cao
Yu He Wei as Liu Bei
Zhang Bo as Sun Quan
Lu Yi as Zhuge Liang
Nie Yuan as Zhao Yun
Yu Rong Guang as Guan Yu
Ruby Lin as Sun Shang Xiang
Zhao Ke as Xiao Qiao
Victor Huang as Zhou Yu
Chen Hao as Diao Chan
Peter Ho as Lu Bu

Besides those below more pictures can be seen here.



7 thoughts on “HQ Stills from The New Three Kingdoms Drama

  1. This is single-handedly the best TV show I’ve ever watched. Not to mention that this time period in history was amazing, full of drama, action, war and deceit. It’s a must watch, and, if you can find it, a must buy.

    Truly epic.

  2. @Katya – lol – I totally agree. He was way too short and too old to play Zhou Yu. His acting wasn’t stellar there either. It looked like Zhou Yu was constipated all the time.

    Tony Leung may be a good actor, but it doesn’t mean he fits every role or that he’s good in every role. He gets cast in a lot of crap he doesn’t suit when Hong Kong should be giving newer stars a chance.

    If I could only cringe through Meryl Streep’s portrayal in Mamma Mia, he’s not immune to criticism.

    But he’ll probably still be better than Victor Huang. I hate Victor Huang’s acting.

  3. wow
    i just saw the movie and of course would miss takeshi kaneshiro but the stills look quite amazing
    (in a tiny wisper: did not like Tony Leung as Zhou Yu)

  4. Thank you for sharing this latest and extremely exciting historical drama. Please update us whenever! I am definitely going to buy and keep the DVD release.

  5. I used to love ‘San Guo’ when I was little~!
    And now there’s a new updated one! Haha…maybe I will watch it and relive my childhood memories…

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