Guo Jingming joins ee media Family

With a pure gold pen, China’s best selling author Guo Jingming officially signed his soul away to ee media December 8th. In addition to just being an artist, he will also be the Creative Product Director as well as the Literary Director. An announcement was also made that Guo Jingming’s latest book, Tiny Times 1.0, which outsold any other book published in 2008 within 3 days of release in October, will be made into a drama next year by ee media.


Also rumored to play the character of Huaze lei/ Rui in “New Meteor Garden”, Guo Jingming will be making an appearance with the rest of the EE media singers, and as well people from SM entertainment such as SJM and Zhang Liyin at Shen Zhen’s Window to the World Amusement Park (which is where I believe he is in the above picture although not for anything related to this event). At this event it appears is when Hunan and EE will make announcements about who exactly is finalized to play which parts in their new upcoming adapation of Hana Yori Dango/ Meteor Garden.

The most hated celebrity in China for the past three years.
The highest-paid author in China for the past two years.
The youngest person to make it on Forbes China’s celebrity list.
And now, the next Super Boy?

Guo Jingming was 19 when he published his first novel, Ice Fantasy, about a 350-year-old prince of the Ice Kingdom who seeks to protect his kingdom, but is trapped by fate to see those around him die one by one, has sold over 1.5 million copies.Since then, Guo Jingming has gained a reputation for winning the tears of teenage girls.
In 2004, he created his own company, Ke Ai, which published three magazines, I5land, POOK and Top Novel, with each issue reaching the top of the bestsellers list as soon as they come out.In 2006, his book “Never Flowers in Never Dreams” was accused of plagiarism and the court ordered him to pay $25,000 to the author of “In and Out of the Circle.”Guo Jingming refused to apologize, and though it caused the formation of Jv hua jiao (the Cult of Chrysanthem), an anti-fanclub of him and three other young authors, neither he nor his fans were affected much.

In 2007, his book, “Cry Me a Sad River,” the story of a pregnant teenager driven to suicide, sold 1 million copies within the first 10 days.Last year, he also happened to be the lyricist for the Super Boys top 13 song, as well as the writer of the foreward to the Super Boys photobook. In fact, in 2005, Guo Jingming was called a “Super Boy” on Hunan TV’s “the story behind” two years before Super Boys even existed, and now, he’s ready to join them under the same company.

Guo Jingming has long been criticized for being too commercialized. His obsession with his image is a point of attack for many. In one interview, he reported that he spends tens of thousands of yuan (7 yuan=1 dollar) per month on clothes and accessories. Undoubtably, this move will only be one more reason for people to ridicule him. Already, older authors have said that Guo Jingming’s making a fool out of himself for this. To people like them, art should be pure, free of the taint of the entertainment industry.
Last month, in an interview that also involved Super Girl Xu Fei, Guo Jingming told the audience his own motives.
“I’m an author. As an author, I want more people to be able to read my books. If that means doing shows, getting myself seen, I will do it.”


Selected translations of his blog:
*asteriks are my notes*
*Guo Jingming’s nickname is siwei, or 4-D, and is often called Little Four, or Four Brother, Four+other suffixs/prefixes)*

Watch me ruin Tianyu/ee media (*He explains how this came about in his own fashion*)

So, recently, two news have kept my cellphone constantly at boiling temperature. Just as one call ends, another one rings.. So many caring questions of the reporters makes me feel like I really am not out-of-fashion. As for my manger, Miss Liuliu, facing her two cellphones that vibrates at the same time, or the twenty unanswered call and text messages after a quick nap or after the airplane begins moving, she’s as fast as Tang Wanru *character in his book, Tiny Times*

Alright, serious business.

The first news, is that I will sign with ee media. Here, I proclaim: It’s true.

The press conference will be held in Beijing on December the 8th.

I have known Long Danni *CEO of ee media* for many years. Everytime we meet, we would talk a lot about our future and dreams and other serious and philosophical topics, such as what’s the best type of eye lotion, how to prevent aging, can you have any more belly fat, or how fun it might be to get drunken the night before and be clueless the next day on a variety show…we’re soul mates.
Of course, we carefully follow the rumors of the entertainment circle, enthusiatically sharing ideas, such as the future plans for our businesses, whether the American Screenwriter’s association’s rules will fit China, the direction of Chinese entertainment, etc…..
So, one dark and gloomy night, after careful thought, Danni and I decided on this collaboration.
The exact conversation is as the following:
Long Dani: F***, who made this drink? It’s like a cup of bottled water plus two cups of Chivas! Don’t drink this, Little Four, it’s too alcoholic. Oh, by the way, do you want to sign with ee media?
Guo Jingming: Okay.

He also shoots down the rumors that he will be playing Rui/Huaze Lei

But some of the rumors outside are way too OVERBOARD. Especially the news about Meteor Garden’s Huaze Lei. I don’t know which psycho came up with that, (ee media’s advertising director: … no comment…) but it’s as random as you can get. I just watched the news of interviewing Long Danni. When they asked her if Guo Jingming was going to be in Meteor Garden, CEO Long mysterious said: what you think?”
….so mysterious…you win…

Of course, the news eventually became me acting as Daoming Si (Domyoji)…
maybe in a few days, it’ll become “Guo Jingming might host Hunan TV’s nightly news”……
or “Guo Jingming joins ee media, will act as the Incredible Hulk”…….
This world is really…….more and more crazy……

He cites his reasons for joining ee media and gives his take on being known as China’s best selling author.

But joining ee media is a good thing for me. I’m playful by nature. I want to do this one moment and that the next, but writing will always be my focus. My biggest wish is still to write good stories for everyone. Of course, joining ee media can help me crossover to different areas and spread writing to other parts, such as lyric-writing, or turning my stories into dramas or movies, or even scriptwriting and such. As long as it has something to do with words, I think I would play with it. Of course, it’s not really playing. If I really signed with a good company, then I’ll still hope to produce good works. No matter what that product is, I will treat it as carefully as I do my novels.
(I promise I really wrote the above paragraph……although it does look like the advertising department wrote it……even I shivered when I re-read it)

The second news, is about that Fortune 100 list for Chinese authors…the news that said that I was first, with 13 million Yuan’s per year from my books…
About this news…
I……should shut up.

You can read Tiny Times 1.0 legally here. If you want to browse his prolific body of work you can see them all
here. Don’t forget that there is a second and third page of his works.

CFensi’s note: So this was idarklight’s first post! Yay! She’s a much better writer than me so we’re all very lucky she’s here bringing the level of this blog up to something like quality. Oh, and gratuitous Guo Jingming shirtless pic (added by CFensi because she’s shallow and likes pretty things at heart):


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  1. @lulu
    he was on 天天向上. He used to be really sick as a child (they thought he was going to die), and he still looks rather sickly….

  2. is this the guy on 天天向上?if so, he is really short and skinny lol
    are his stories translated into english? i really want to read them

  3. It’s suppose to be based on the book, but I heard the acting/script/actors were really bad…so I didn’t watch it…

  4. guo jing ming’s book 梦里的花落知多少 got turned into a drama with the same title right?? it stars zhang jun ning in it? i didnt read the book yet but i saw a couple episodes of the drama..just wondering if its related to the book. i cant seem to find any info on that..T_T

  5. he is the hottest author i have ever seen in my life
    btw, are the books he wrote translated in english?

  6. I don’t think it’s his fault though. Guo Jingming has an amazing mind for business as well as writing. He has said that he enjoys being a publisher as much as, if not more than, being a writer. He feels accomplished by discovering new talents.

  7. Even though he’s so controversial, I really like his works. I hate the sad endings, but the plot is always really nice, take unexpected turns, and really stirs your heart after you read it.

  8. A lot of the popular young Chinse authors are quite handsome.
    for example, Han Han, the one that’s often compared with Guo Jingming. Han Han’s more traditionally handsome whereas Guo Jingming is more …metro?

  9. You know I love his personality. Raw and unforgiving. I am dieing to know who will be in the Meteor Garden 2 cast.

  10. Never seen such a handsome author. When I first thought the pic I thought singer or celeb…. when I think author – people like JK Rowling and JR Tolkien come to my mind. Really quite a different image,haha

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