Wei Chen, who is going to be one of the new F4, took a break from acting in his stage drama “Fen Dou” and Alan took a break from her flurry of single releases in Japan in order to film the MV for the song, “Jia You! You Have Me!” for the EPSON commercial that the song is for. They go back being both from Sichuan province, and having met in Shanghai for a singing competitions and are friends, and they look like it here.



8 thoughts on “A Lan and Wei Chen Filming for their EPSON MV in Beijing”

  1. His first performance of Fen Dou should be the 17th and the last one’s next month…after which he’ll probably have to go work on Meteor Garden.
    I remember it was just a couple of months ago when Wei Chen was rumored to be frozen for the flag pictures…but now he’s one of the busiest Super Boys.

  2. I love their uniforms (and alan’s hair!). I can just imagine how cold it is this time of year with those huge parkas of theirs. :)

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