Wind and Cloud’s Cover for their New Single

They don’t want to be taken seriously at all do they? They’re in animal outfits in cartoon form…with a cow (I guess for year of the ox). How can they get this and an MV and not Seventeen? I’ll post real news later.


So if you are in China, and you see this yellow monstrosity being sold, yeah it’s them.

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11 thoughts on “Wind and Cloud’s Cover for their New Single

  1. That would be so awesome. It’s harder to find pictures of One Million Star people from baidu than it is for regular Taiwanese celebs etc.

  2. unfortunately no… they were postcards that came with the album but I dont have the postcards with me at the moment. I may be be able to find them later and if I do I will post them for you to see

  3. Well, I think you’re not alone windowwatcher. Idarklight is right…I don’t think this is actually sold in disc form but it is downloadable, and the downloads have already reached 1 million. The power of boybands will never cease to amaze me.

  4. yes! the covers have moved me from total indifference to a mild appreciation of the group. I know you’re going to think I’me being sarcastic but I’m not. Animated asian boys in cute round figures always get to me.

  5. …this reminds me of La Bi Xiao Xin…but even then, the blend of yellow and green makes it look old…

    maybe the girl’s suppose to be the cow?

    btw. Top right corner. “Not sold”

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