Photoshoots of Various Chinese Actors #2

Since I was just commenting about Deng Chao, I thought I would post these. It annoys me how people think it’s not good-looking enough to play the lead in HSDS, because if I am to sit and watch a series I’d rather watch someone who is decent looking but can act rather than stare at a blank pretty face. Besides, he’s not that unattractive. If you want your pretty fix however, check out the pictures of BoBo, Zhang Junning, and Lu Yi below. I guess BoBo can be called actors now since they’re both filming dramas.

Edit: All the thumbnails have been fixed. Sorry about earlier.

Edit: Added Wu Jianfei.


Deng Chao in Men’s Uno

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BoBo in Easy Magazine

The gist of the magazine doesn’t give anything new. It just talks about how they feel now that they’ve achieved fame… Jing Boran has high ideals, and says that being a celebrity is much harder than he thought and is really hard work but he chose this path wants to make money for his family. He also said that he is comforted by seeing so many people support him . Despite this he says he wants to leave show business right when his career is hottest and study abroad at a good college which made me blink. Please don’t do that. Fu Xinbo’s is less idealistic, but more realistic, saying that he has a fairly normal routine, doing normal things like playing basketball, and wants to just do what he can one step at a time.


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Zhang Junning – doing a photoshoot for his new MV, Lemon which is on the Fit Lover Soundtrack.


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Lu Yi – I think this is for Three Kingdoms Promotion, which doesn’t make much sense. People just like to do photoshoots with him I guess.


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Wu Jianfei for a Skincare Ad. Yes Skincare. I know, the photoshoot quality gets worse and worse.


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