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Contributors, Banners, and Apologies.

So first I’d like to say that there is a new addition to the Cfensi “staff”, idarklight. She was coerced into agreed to pick up my slack. Those of you who have been here for a while know I have endlessly tried to get someone else on board, so celebrations are in order for me. She’s a great addition because she knows a lot about most of the stuff I post, a lot better than me usually. She’s already got posts lined up so watch out for them.

Secondly, I made little banners for this site. So now if you would like to promote this site and its little nuggets of info or whatever you find useful from this, I’d be much obliged. I didn’t want to ask people around finals time but if you wanted to make me better ones, that’d be cool with me because my computer graphic making skills suck big time. You can tell because for the smaller one you can’t read anything under CFensi, because I simply just resized. Maybe people dying to know what it says will go to the site.



Oh, and A-One…I know I said that was December 6th that they would be airing Happy Camp. Now I’m not sure where I read that so I really apologize to anyone who was looking forward to seeing them yesterday based on my faulty information. Their “debut” on Happy Camp is actually going to be aired January 3rd. Yes, that is a long time. Sometimes, Happy Camp does suck like that. And I think they’re actually not done with their member recruiting…I think they’re going for ten and maybe even split into fives. They confuse me. No wonder their photoshoots almost all suck. Why take photoshoots of only part of your group?

And so…I don’t know why this is under either the mainland Chinese Category or the Malaysia category. It was not supposed to have any category, falling under uncategorized. I can’t change this for some reason. While I guess A-One is mainland, I don’t have anything on Malaysia, so…here’s a pic of Malaysian musical prodigy Quincy Tan, cute isn’t he? This is his blog, go there for more.


3 thoughts on “Site Updates and Announcements

  1. I love Quincy! He’s quite well-rounded. But I think it takes a while for non-Taiwanese artists to get famous in Taiwan, like maybe their third album, so I’ll wait for everyone else to love him too. It seems like he’s doing promotions there now. I’ll have to post on him one day.

  2. OH MY GOD NO WAIZ. You like Quincy Tan too? ;____;
    He’s such an awesome artist. He has a very prosperous future in front of him.

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