It’s over! So who won between these three heavily nominated movies?

Edit: Updated with the videos of the short film “Film Dreams of the Taiwanese” and two performances. Not Lollipops though. :P

45th Golden Horse Film Award Nominees

Best Feature Film

“The Warlords”

“Cape No.7″

“Orz Boyz”


“Ocean Flame”

Best Director

Peter Chan Ho-sun, “The Warlords”

Wei Te-sheng, “Cape No.7″

Pang Ho-cheung, “Trivial Matters”

Sylvia Chang Ai-jia, “Run Papa Run”

Best Leading Actress

Prudence Liew, “True Women for Sale”

Monica Mok, “Ocean Flame”

Karena Lam, “Claustrophobia”

Chang Yung-yung, “Miao Miao”

Best Leading Actor

Zhang Han-yu, “Assembly”

Liao Fan, “Ocean Flame”

Jet Li Lian-jie, “The Warlords”

Louis Koo, “Run Papa Run”

Best Supporting Actor

Ma Ju-long, “Cape No. 7″

Eason Chan, “Trivial Matters”

Hu Jun, “Red Cliff”

Dai Li-ren, “Parking”

Best Supporting Actress

Mei Fang, “Orz Boyz”

Lai Ming, “Money No Enough 2″

Wu Liqi, “Qi lu Tian Tang”

Nora Miao, “Run Papa Run”

Best New Performer

Jiang Su-min, “Tiao Ge Zi”

Chie Tanaka, “Cape No.7″

Lin Tsung-hui, “Cape No.7″

Pang Chin-yu, “Orz Boyz”

Best Original Screenplay

“Winds of September”

“Orz Boys”

“The Warlords”


Best Adapted Screenplay


“Trivial Matters”

Best Cinematography

“Ocean Flame”

“Cape No.7″

“The Warlords”


Best Visual Effects

“The Warlords”


“Red Cliff”


Best Art Direction

“Ocean Flame”

“The Warlords”


“Red Cliff”

Best Make-up and Costume Design

“Trivial Matters”

“Candy Rain”

“The Warlords”

“Red Cliff”

Best Action Choreography



“The Warlords”

“An Empress and the Warriors”

Best Original Film Score

“Cape No.7″

“The Warlords”


“12 Lotus”

Best Original Film Song

“South of the Border” (from Cape No. 7)
Music: Zhen Zhihao (Chen Chihao?)
Lyrics: Matthew Yen
Performer: Van

Hero Chou ” (from Kung Fu Dunk)
Music: Jay Chou
Lyrics: Vincent Fang Wen-Shan
Performer: Jay Chou, Du Guo-Zhang

“Pang Pang” (from Drifting Flowers)
Music: Christine Hsu
Lyrics: Christine Hsu
Performer: Serena Fang

“Get Together” (from Miao Miao)
Music: Cincin Lee, Cheng Kuei
Lyrics: Cincin Lee, Cheng Kuei
Performer: Julian Cheung Chi-Lam

Best Film Editing


“Winds of September”

“The Warlords”


Best Sound Effects


“Cape No.7″


“The Warlords”

Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year

“Cape No.7″

“Winds of September”


Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year

Wei Te-Sheng

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Li Long-yu

Lifetime Achievement Award

Chang Feng

Some of the other winners of the night…I just thought these were nice looking posters.



The Movie Dreams of the Taiwanese Short Film:




Behind the Scenes and Miscellaneous – Jia You!

CocoLee’s Performance

The Cape No 7 cast recreates the last scene in their film.

Red Carpet Pictures:

The presence of this guy there had me confused if I was looking at the right awards ceremony:

I give my performance in Butterfly Lovers two thumbs up.

More pictures of this guy who with his presence has made these awards probably 20% better looking.

Where my skinny hos at?
Where my skinny hos at?

Catch more of Vaness Wu’s Wild Wild West pimp look here.

I am better than all those stick-figured....ladies.
I am better than all those stick-figured….ladies.

More of Best actress nominee Karena Lam here.

Um…I just have high metabolism.
Feng Xiaogang: Um…what’s with the sunglasses? You went blind in my movie, not in real life. Zhang Hanyu: Didn’t you hear? I made eighth on the 50 most beautiful people in China list. I gotta keep the ladies at bay. Feng Xiaogang: I think you’re doing a good job.
Vaness, if you want o know how to do the scruffy look properly, you should just watch me. Come to think of it, you should probably watch me if you want to learn how to act…why are you here again?
Whatever…I topped all of you on the list of foreign actors  Japanese ladies love. Nerdy is in.

I don’t really have too much time to do much more captions with this post…but Sina’s official site for the awards has more coverage.

I’ll try to get some videos up if I can, especially of the performances, and the short film I posted on  earlier.

I know people might be disappointed that Cape No 7 didn’t win the big ones but the Golden Horse awards probably would have lost credibility if it had won since it really was kind of flawed in areas. I think Taiwan can do better, and hopefully one day a really mind-blowing Taiwanese film can live up to the hype and knock down Titanic from being the highest grossing film in Taiwan, and win the Golden Horse, etc. The music was fantastic though, so go check out its OST and see why it won those music awards. In general this was a great year for Taiwanese films and hopefully the trend can continue in the future.

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  1. Poor Zhang Mingqing.

    I googled your quotes though, and they seem to lead from Epoch times, the Falun Gong mouthpiece, which is probably less credible than China Daily when it comes to China since they make it their mission to make up stuff about China. I wouldn’t trust this news or those quotes. Most sources don’t have anything that actually says that the Japanese factor is the reason why.

    China has more Japanese-Chinese collabs than most places I know… About Love was a wonderful smorgasboard of Taiwanese- Japanese- Chinese relations. I wish they would do something like that again.

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