Would You Like a Chinese Music Lyrics Site?

I was wondering…I know a lot of you guys translate Chinese lyrics just because you want to, and I wanted to have an easy, friendly way for people to find lyrics, because I really like the lyrics in some Chinese songs. Especially when they’re deep and meaningful and not just about love like the million other songs. The site wouldn’t be here…it would be at livejournal, simply because I think the cloud tag system doesn’t work that great for finding artists easily. If you know any other sites that could work better, that’d be great.

Edit: I don’t think there’s enough interest, sorry. There were less people who voted not interested, well only one, but I feel most people felt that ways as well, and just didn’t vote. Maybe in the future.

4 thoughts on “Would You Like a Chinese Music Lyrics Site?

  1. There actually doesn’t seem to be that much response to my poll…but it’d be nice to have that. What would I be doing though? If you’re creating the site? I don’t plan on actually contributing too many lyrics myself because this blog takes up way too much time.

  2. meaning ill give you web space/hosting, hosting your website. instead of using wordpress blogs/etc.

    it would be a site, for example something like this http://www.musicaletras.net/ where users can submit/request lyrics. a site based only on music lyrics.

  3. Sorry your comment was not posted earlier my spam filter is fierce. Sure…I’ll affliate! Your site looks really good. Can’t believe I never found it before. What do you mean hosting though?

    Also what do you mean by the scripts thing? Would it be a site or a forum?

  4. hmm, there are scripts online in which a user can submit lyrics and also include an embedded MV as well. if you are interested i could set one up for you, i own a site of my own, maybe we can affiliate? and in exchange ill give you hosting for your site : D. btw my site, http://www.dramaddicts.com

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