Gillian Cheung went to Sichuan Again


On December 3 Gillian went to one of the Sichuan earthquake devastated schools, bringing food and other things to help prepare the children for the winter. This was apparently done surreptitiously without informing the media, and no cameras were allowed. Right, no cameras.

Gillian had gone to Sichuan in September for a week-long benefit, and had promised the school children that she would come see everyone again when winter came. Thus making good on that promise, she went to the Beichuan Qiang Minority county and brought candy and clothing such as scarves, shoes, hats, etc giving them to each sixth grader one by one. She then took a group photo with them.



While her company is obviously probably trying to help her turn her image around, it’s still always makes me happy to see people do charity work, and I think it’s always an enriching experience that is humbling no matter who you are. It’s impossible not to gain something valuable from being with those who have lost everything (although not their reputation). It’s certainly better than Edison, who actually owns his own clothing line, but hasn’t done anything with those clothes except model in them since the scandal broke.


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  1. When your an actress that becomes well-known, you are instantly labeled a ‘role model.’ I find that disrespectful to the actress. You will then be expected to act a certain way. Your past and future will be magnified for any mistake. How can people do or think that way? It makes no difference who you are the idea is the same in every part of the world. Why do individual like Gillan Cheung have to suffer for someone else mistake. I know she will recover.

  2. Seriously people needs to stop judging her so harshly. I mean I understand that Twins was a role model, and parents are probably pissed off etc. STILL, give her a break already.

    At least she’s doing something unlike Edision Chen -_-“

  3. I agree, it does seem really harsh to still be cutting her out of movies, etc. Too bad she is an actress and not a in a political position like a president, otherwise she could hope for someone else to do so poorly in that job that any memory of her sexual transgressions would just be seen as a minor blunder. Our idols are put on a pedestal, our presidents can err.

    @idarklight…it’s when they go to HK, he opens the door for Morgan Freeman in a smary sort of way. :D

  4. I see what you’re saying, but I just feel like people have judged her too harshly. I guess I always thought celeb private lives were their private business. It’s not like she filmed a porno or something. She never wanted those photos to be leaked. I think of her as a victim in the whole thing and everyone is just making her feel way worse then she deserves. Whatever, I just hope people eventually move on and leave her alone. Thanks for posting this though!

  5. I’ve been trying to find someone to tell exactly when that is…does anyone know what scene it’s after so I’ll be prepared to watch for him?

  6. edison is in the film for like a mili second as he escorts morgan freeman into the building … in case you miss the short scene, its here haha

  7. Gillian doesn’t seem like that horrible. So what if she had sex with Edison?

    I’m going to watch Dark Knight thi weekend with my friends.
    I wonder if I’ll catch a glimpse of Edison Chen.

  8. haha. wow. i know that edison chen must feel awful and sorry right now, but he definently should be trying to get a good reputation by doing what chueng is doing. instead he is modeling?

  9. I don’t know…I don’t think people completely overreacted because Gillian Cheung was a teen role model. That’s why people were pissed. Nobody cared about Cecilia as much or at all because she was always known for being wild. But how do you explain to your kid that their role model was doing those things? It was all over Sina when it happened, both pics and video just with black bars. Actually Sina posts quite a few obscene stuff on their front page that American websites like Yahoo would not. Everything slutty is there. I don’t know if you saw the Long Ze pictures? Those were on the front page of Sina as well. I feel Chinese youth are already quite jaded now. China is not the conservative place fenced-off place people think it is.

    I’d much rather see someone, anyone do charity work than hear about the latest gossip from a celebrity though, or their opinions on blah blah blah. So much useless information is posted on these celebrities and having to comb through that for this site I feel has made me dumber. That’s one thing I dislike about posting news. It’s tiring because I have to read all the rest of the crap to either find the substantial news or make sure it’s not already posted so I’m not wasting my time.

    I don’t care…I don’t care about the little things in the celebs life I guess. I care if quality work can come out of them that can be appreciated and can elevate the level of arts in society. I care if they can inspire…move a population for the better, but otherwise not really. So I like seeing stuff like this. And I did like Gillian in Beyond our Ken quite a bit. Lovely HK movie that was one of the better ones to come out of there in recent years.

  10. People need to get over it. So she had sex, whatever. *sigh* asians. I never listened to twins, but I find Ah Sa adorable and I’d probably like Ah Gil too I knew more about her, other then just sex scandal girl. The media needs to stop treating her like hester prynne with leprosy or something. IMO she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, but charity, cameras or no cameras is always nice. She does genuinely seem like a nice girl and I hate how frickin hypocritical everyone is about this whole thing. /rant

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