The Chinese Connection in all the Versions of Boys Over Flowers

Ok, so the Taiwanese series obviously had some people speaking Chinese, but what about the Japanese and Korean series? They have a little Chinese in em as well. Thought that was interesting…


Abe Tsuyoshi and friend Long Ze

Abe Tsuyoshi, who played Akira in the Japanese F4 is part Chinese. He was born in He Longjiang, moved to Japan, but went back to China for acting school, and he apparently still has friends in China. Long Ze, who is a model, and whose modeling pics keep getting skankier, but still quite artsy in a way, had posted pics of them together in his blog a couple of years ago when Abe came to Beijing to hang out.


Also Ding Haiming (I don’t know his last name, sorry!), the Chinese guy from AST’1 of DSP, the idol manufacturing company in Korea who actually who has probably the catchiest tunes, but can’t really seem to promote their stars well enough to match their song quality (unless their personality can shine its way out of a paper bag like Lee Hyori), was spotted with his senior in the company, Kim Hyunjoong at the airport on the way to Macau. Below is a fancam with gratuitous arm around shoulder action from Kim Hyunjoong to Haiming, ableit way towards the end. It’s worth watching through however, simply because Hyun Joong is amazing looking even in creepy stalkerish fancams.

They say that he is there because a good chunk of this Korean version will be filmed in Macau, which is one of the special administrative regions of China, and most people can probably understand Mandarin though it’s mainly Cantonese that they speak. So he’s supposedly doing some translating, but it’s also rumored confirmed that he’ll also have a part in the series.

On that note it worries me that they will be filming in the coastal glamour of Macau because guess what? That coast faces Zhu Hai, another city in China whose coast can be seen from Macau and viceversa, and where the Chinese “New Meteor Garden” is set to take place. The two sets of F4 could basically be directly looking at each other if they were filming at the same time. All they would need is about an hour by boat and they could meet up for brunch. Haiming and Han Geng could translate. I hope people don’t get De Ja Vu looking when they watch the Chinese version because some scenery is going to look awfully familiar.

Zhu Hai's coast...what the Korean F4 are going to be looking at, and where the Chinese F4 are going to be standing

Zhu Hai's coastline...what the Korean F4 will be looking at and where the Chinese F4 is going to be standing at.

Edit: And according to this article from HunanTV, given to me by darklight, the Taiwanese F4 might sing with the new F4 (whom at least half of can definitely sing) on New Years. They’ve been invited. So there you go. All the F4 are one big happy family now.


Again, sorry this picture is so incredibly dated. Apparently Chinese media outlets don't have recent pics of F4 in their archive.

16 thoughts on “The Chinese Connection in all the Versions of Boys Over Flowers

  1. Wu Jianfei

    Born 9-27-1983
    Height: 180 cm
    From: Taizhou, Zhejiang

    When he first started, he was compared a lot to people like Takeshi Kaneshiro and Rain because of looks. (I think it’s the long face). When he was asked who he looked like, he said, “My mom”. I thought that was really cute.

    He also interviewed Han Geng when he had that long yellow hair when he went back to China. But he wasn’t very good at it. :D

  2. also…in one episode of Japanese HYD, Domyouji says in Chinese, “I want Peking duck” or something related to peking duck…I remember everything about peking duck. XD

  3. Wu Jianfei came out of My Hero, like BOBO, but a year early.

    He starred in My Prince (a really crazy drama with many hot guys and in which the best character is awesomely mute Albert Song…in my opinion, anyways).

    Wu Jianfei will soon star in Armor Heroes (think Power Rangers with hotter guys).

    he had a small role in for Love or Bread…but everyone on youtube hates his character and calls him “the evil mainland guy” despite the fact that the character is completely Taiwanese and just happened to study in mainland for three years.

  4. Ohh. I see. The two pictures in the links above scared me a bit. Especially the one with the butterflies. I’m used to seeing pretty Asian guys, but that was a bit TOO feminine for me xD.

    Also, do you have more info on Wu Jianfei? I’m really curious about him :).

  5. He’s a model basically. Not runway, just for magazines and stuff. That I feel are aimed towards the gay population in China. Actually if you browse through Chinese websites/blogs, there are a ton of photoshoots with half dressed guys, etc that’s worse than this. Usually they’re a bit more ripped though. It’s quite scary.

    I don’t think he himself is gay, but he certainly hams it up quite a bit.

    Long Ze actually when he was first starting out did a shoot with Wu Jianfei. :D

  6. I’ve never watched any version of Boys Over Flowers, but I did find this connection quite interesting. I would be really happy to see Haiming have a part in the drama. He’s my favorite out of the AST’1 boys :D. I have a question: who’s Long Ze? Those pictures are really cute though.

  7. omg, those pics are scary

    i am not a fan of male make up – only black eyeliner and only if the guy can pull it off.

    and he’s so puny!

    he looks perfectly normal in the pics with Abe.

    btw, i liked how u called him a skank!

  8. the smoke turned me off immediately…

    Guo Jingming stilll has friends? I thought they all left him…

    I’m still a big Hansey fan. I love his photography/graphic design, too bad about him and Guo Jingming. I also really like Stoiks, the group that was also in Guo Jingming’s magazine. Guo Jingming has good tastes in photography.

  9. Seriously. He used to be such a nice boy back then, when he posted those pics of him and Abe. But I admit, I do like those most recent black and whites even if he is revealing way too much.

    If you like that kind of photography you should check out photographer SURE’s work who I think his Long Ze’s friend. He’s actually friends with quite a few pretty boys. He’s a pretty guy himself, not good-looking, just pretty…I think he’s friends with Duan Huangwei from HIT-5 and Guo Jingming. Not sure about Guo Jingming though.

    Oh the boys in China are so metro now.

  10. You said something about skanky modeling pictures for Longze, so of COURSE I had to go look at this blog, and wow – now I know what you meant by ‘skanky’. He really pushes the lines there – I’m not sure if I should be fascinated and impressed or just actually roll on the floor laughing. It’s amazing how attitude (and a few butterflies) can change the eyeliner look on guys – this is just wow in the difference. And I do makeup for our school plays and all the guys need to wear black eyeliner, but this…

  11. Really? Now you make me want to watch the end of that.

    I just thought of it when I saw a pic of the Korean F4 walking along a pier. I wonder how many shots of Zhu Hai there’s going to be in this series.

    Korea seems to be really particular about having the most beautiful settings in their series compared to China, which likes realism. Poorer the better. I suppose it’s a side affect of communism.

    Macau is a great place to film. There’s the opulence that comes from it now having surpassed even Las Vegas as the world’s biggest gambling center, and then there’s also the beauty of Zhu Hai that you can look at from Macau.

    I’m particularly interested in anything to do with Zhu Hai because that basically is my home in China. People who think China is all smog and whatnot should go there.

    Oh, and lol at the Power Rangers. I watched some episodes, but I don’t remember any of that. I’d love a crossover…too bad they’re not filming at the same time.

    If Han Geng was part of DSP, or Hyun Joong was part of SM there totally could be some strings pulled since they are so, so close to each other! It’s definitely closer than Alaska is to Russia.

  12. Korea seems to really like Macau. Princess Hours ended in Macau, also.

    Now everyone will think Macau’s beautiful sceneries are from Korea…

    but lol at the idea of brunch… I think they should totally do what the Power Rangers do…have one episode where the new ones meet the old ones…except have the two groups meet each other somehow. Maybe have the two Shancai’s get lost and somehow caught up with the other group…and then the two groups get together and exchange Shancais.

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