Da Da’s Dance goes to Sundance


Director Zhang Yuan, pioneer of China’s sixth generation of filmmakers, will be going to Sundance with his latest film, Da Da’s Dance. His was one of the 200 films selected from over 9,000 to participate in the competition that recognizes American indie films and films from abroad. It will be competing with 15 others in the category World Cinema Dramatic Competition. This film about a young girl’s journey after leaving home for various reasons, was billed as one of Zhang Yuan’s first uncut films in China, and hopefully it signals a loosening up on SARFT’s part, which also allowed in an unprecedented uncut version of Quantum Solace a few weeks ago despite its violence, and let in Wanted even earlier this year, which is like the anti-thesis of what China deems a moralistic film. Of course, Da Da’s Dance is billed as one of the tamer films from Zhang…but still, I’m starting to get a little hope. It seems like a lot of people SARFT didn’t like, like Wang Xiaoshuai are now favored by them. We’ll see.


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