Crowd Lu – High Notes Not Even a Bus Could Run Over


So I’m feeling a little indie today, because there’s been a little bit too much pop lately. Think of it as a catharsis if you will. Crowd Lu Guangzhong, or Vitas Lu is fairly well known but compared to all the pop stars, he still needs a lot more loving so I’m going to do an introduction to him anyway, since I wanted to do a post on him for a while, but haven’t and here’s a ready-made article that reads pretty well on his intangible appeal to the masses. Plus he’s just really cute in that adorkable way. I really love how you can look like anything in the Taiwanese music industry and still be really famous as long as you’ve got the music to back it up.

Crowd Lu, Taiwanese singer-composer, is also known as the “Musical Wizard, Who Survived Rolling Over by a Bus”. This is not just a nickname, for Crowd actually had a close encounter with death before he became the well-known artiste he is today.

It is not hard to notice the scars on his leg that reminds of the fateful day. “During my first year in university, I got bumped by a car when I was riding my motorcycle. It sent me flying off my ride and landed me in front of a bus, which roll over my leg.”

Being force to stay home to recuperate from his fracture leg, Crowd turned to practicing his guitar to pass time and penned some pieces to let off some steam and express his feelings. His predicament turned into a blessing in disguise when his talent received recognition after winning a music competition.

“I started practicing the guitar, and then entered a competition and won a prize. That’s where I met my producer and even got to be acquainted with some of my childhood idols after that. It feels like a dream to meet them in person.”


Everything turned from reality to fantasy ever since Crowd transform into a pop artiste from just being an average university student.

Right after his debut album, the producers also organized a concert for Crowd. Everything thing seemed so surreal that Crowd feels that the whole experience “rocks”.

From having breakfast, to taking a bus or even walking can be an experience that rocks, Crowd explains “It (rock) is a very abstract thing. It’s a feeling that you get, when you could be doing just about anything, or if you are simply just a rocker.”


Besides being known him for his typical quirky looks; large black-frame glasses, an ordinary T-shirt, a mushroom style hair, and high-cut socks, Crowd also keeps amulet with him constantly. “It’s a talisman from a temple in Taiwan; my friends had gotten it for me when I was hospitalized. It’s was for divine protect and good luck. These days, I keep it also to remind myself that my friends care for me.”

To be honest, Crowd’s sudden rise in popularity was quite a puzzling mystery, but maybe just like Crowd mentioned, everything simply comes down to feeling. While he doesn’t look the part, he does give the rocker feel; the power to influence. And once you have heard Crowd do his VITAS impersonation, you will understand why he rocks!


Thanks to Pho50 @ Lj for finding the article (I really can not find any recent ones of him at all, so this was great) and for suggesting some vids.

Here’s his Vitas impersonation. Everyone loves Vitas!


Marie Claire Interview:

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  1. Well, I’m American, not ABC though, just American. My family only speaks English, but in the US, the schools offer Spanish, so I learned in school. I took 5 years of Spanish in high school and took the AP Spanish test, got the highest score possible, which is very rare for a “gringa.” My teacher had never had anyone make such a high score before, not even a native speaker. I wasn’t the only one with her as my teacher to get that score that year, but I was only a Junior and the other student was a Senior. I haven’t let my Spanish go over the past couple of years, either. I’ve forgotten some things, likely, but I can have great conversations in Spanish. That’s also how I managed to translate the Jay Chou songs into Spanish on my YouTube channel. ;)

  2. I hadn’t heard the impersonations. LOL! His album is on the list of albums I want to get, but maybe they’ll have to wait until Spring or Summer when there aren’t so many albums coming out and I’ll have the chance to catch up. I had to listen at him as soon as I realized that he was a Spanish major. (You hear him speak Spanish in some of the songs.) I am fluent in Spanish, but not Chinese, so that could come in handy in an autograph session. :)

  3. Yes, he has an album out and a few EPs…I do not put up full albums up for download on this site but if you go to the cpop community at LJ I’m you can find something there. :)

  4. sorry I have a question- Does he have any albums or anything out? I really would like to check them out, but I can’t seem to find any information. Thanks!

  5. thanks so much for posting about him- I’m really starting to love him 8D

    I like how he isn’t about looks, how he’s adorable and dorky and just, great. His voice is nice to listen to too.

  6. Oh cool, definitely look out for those articles for me, because usually Sina/Sohu/whatever mainland sites don’t report a whole lot on concerts not in China, which reminds me…I should try to post on 1976. Too bad I didn’t run this site during the Olympics. That would have been a great time to introduce Cao Fang.

    Crowd Lu is pretty photogenic for someone who is known for not so beautiful looks. He was so cute in all the pictures I found.

  7. Yay for Crowd Lu!! I listened to him so much yesterday his songs were stuck in my head all day today :)
    Well, I couldn’t find those other pics again, sorry.. but I think yours look great. I just read that he will be performing at the Huayi Festival in Singapore in February (with Cao Fang, 這位太太 & 1976, etc) so maybe some more English articles will be floating around then.

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