Photoshoots of Various Chinese Actors


Recent pics of Wu Jianfei, Yan Kuan and Lu Yi, and an A-ONE request. Sorry if I’m not replying to your comments just yet…I’m a little busy for right now, but I’ll get to them all later.

Wu Jianfei in Men’s Style

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Yan Kuan in Men’s Style

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Lu Yi in DayaStyle

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I don’t really usually like Men’s Style because some of photos of theirs are really raunchy. Furthermore, I just don’t think their photoshoots are that good usually, or artsy, but I’m Yan Kuan photoshoot deprived and this one wasn’t so bad. I really wish he’d get more famous so that I don’t only have a handful of pictures of him. Wu Jianfei too. His career is going nowhere.

Interestingly, Men’s Style is doing some major promotion of A-ONE. Not only did they do a photoshoot with them, but they also have them as their background on their blog, and have a music playlist of A-ONE’s songs. I wonder if they got paid for it, or they are somehow under the same umbrella company. I found my self just listening to all their songs again though, which is a good sign.

They actually have an extra version on there of “Qing Chun/Youth” compared to the A-One blog, one that I like better because it doesn’t have the Engrish on there, and has much  cooler classical, violin sound which sounds really good with the ping pong? sound they’ve blended it with…probably my favorite of their songs so far. I hope they include that one on whatever album they release. Too bad it seems they’re performing the song with the Engrish. If anyone has this song please send it my way!

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  1. 吴建飛! Haven’t heard about him in a while. And Men’s Style.. never liked it. :|

    I catch myself singing to A-ONE lmao. They’re probably my favorite -music wise- from all the other boy bands that are coming out. And oooh~ thanks to the link to violin emphasized version of 青春 (makes me wish I continued violin :|). It seems that all the A-ONE songs on that blog has a better bass system (sounds a lot cooler!). Here’s a link to download it:
    f=6333a8df2b621c195ac00d9448177ac8 \o/

  2. Let me think…

    Height: :180cm
    From: Taizhou, Zhejiang Province

    He got compared to Takeshi Kaneshiro and Bi a lot when he first started out, and people asked him who he thought he looked like and he said “My mom”.

    He’s released one song and one EP.

    Oh and once when Han Geng had the yellow long hair that I hated he went to China, and Wu Jianfei interviewed him. It was cute because Wu Jianfei didn’t really know how to interview someone.

  3. He used to be really popular, but he’s had bad luck with companies. His latest company is not so bad, but it’s Taiwanese, and I still feel Taiwanese companies don’t know how to promote them in China, and restrictions on mainlanders make it harder to be promoted in Taiwan, so basically they are popular nowhere. He’s still fairly popular though, just not doing much.

  4. I love Jarvis Wu! I’ll admit, I’m a bit shallow and I liked him initially for his good looks, but I really liked some of his songs. I’m sad to hear that his career isn’t going anywhere :(

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