EE Media Family MV to kick off the New Year!

Edited #2 A second huge picture of Top Combine (Click for bigger). I’m officially jealous now. Wang Yuexin, Yu Haoming etc didn’t get such nice pictures.


Not only are there like a gazillion boybands in China now, but there are group company MVs! EE Media, the company behind the Supergirls, Superboys and anything affiliated with that, including Top Combine is having its own New Years MV with all of its singers (except Guo Jingming who most recently signed)

Going with the theme of Hunan TV’s 2009 new year’s concert, “Open09, Happiness Depends on Me,” EE entertainment hired Big Zhang Wei (The Flowers/Hua Er Yue Dui) to produce a Happy New Year song named “Open New Year.” Note that ee entertainment (aka Tianyu, a company that Ma Tianyu needs to join) owns most of the Super Boys and Girls. Chris Lee/ Li Yuchun will lead the “Super Girls” team while Chen Chusheng will lead the “Super Boys” team.

There seems to be two groups, one filming today/yesterday and one filming tomorrow. The first one involves Chen Chusheng, Yu Haoming, Wang Yuexin, Wei Chen, He Jie, Top Combine, Wang Zhengling and other artists unidentifiable from the pictures. Filming tomorrow will conclude with Li Yuchun, Su Xing, Xu Fei, and others.

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I found some more pics of Wang Yuexin, my favorite under EE…he kind of looks odd in all of them though. I hope he’s not one of those boys who looks cute when young and then their faces changes to an odd shape. Oh well, I’d still love him anyway.


Day Two: Li Yuchun is so adorable!



18 thoughts on “EE Media Family MV to kick off the New Year!

  1. mrpeng: think Jane Zhang, He Jie, Sitar Tan, Reborn, Ai Mengmeng, and maybe Laure Shang. I think they’re all very pretty in dresses.

  2. @mrpeng – Yeah, China seems to have an infatuation with the tomboyish type. I thought it was pretty refreshing at first, but I think now some of them are just doing it to get attention. Or maybe not.

    @anon Wang Yuexin looks great in all his Le Huo Nan Hai pics though. Yu Haoming has never been photogenic. He’s the best looking, but he never looks nearly as good in pics.

    No it’s not Xie Na.


    Superboys will be again showing instead of Supergirls for 2009. Dragon TV will have a female version of My Hero though.

    There is a girl group I kind of like that’s sort of returning, ableit with one less member. I’ll post on them maybe.

  3. crap. my friqqin comment didn’t get posted for some reason.

    agree about Wang Yue Xin’s face. in these pics, he looks a bit different – like his face matured

    yeah we need some girl bands to even it out.

    check out Yu Hao Ming’s skin tone in the pic with Liu Zhou Chen. his face is so much darker than his neck!

    is that really Xie Na? it doesn’t look like her in the later pics,.

  4. agree about Wang Yue Xin – he looks different in these pics, like his face matured.

    and check out Yu Hao Ming’s skin tone in the pic with Liu Zhou Cheng, its so much darker than his neck!

    is that really Xie Na? she looks pretty, doesn’t look like her after the first pic.

    yeah we need some girl bands to even it out.

  5. what really annoys me is that the girls from “super girls” etc all look like guys. almost all of them. for example, li yuchun. she has a deep voice amd i thought she was a guy for 6 months before actually finding out she was a girl. hopfully, next year’s (2009) super girls, the girls would look more attractive, as in (long hair!!). im also predicting that right after the super girls compitition next year, mainland companies will form one or several girlbands.

  6. no! Don’t compare them to J-Star…compare them to SM!
    J-Star is a crappy company that all but died, with most/all of its bands disbanding and only a few good solo artists.
    EE has mroe talent, and at least 1/4 of China’s fanclub population.

  7. I didn’t know about them before. I watched some Youtube videos with them…I’m surprised they even got to go on German shows…that host was a jerk, though. They don’t seem bad, but I think they disbanded.

    It said that they came from My Show, though…and My Show has a crappy company (see Zhang Jie)

    It was a good concept though. I think China should be more brave and go into other untapped markets (not the US). For example, Africa, South America, and Europe.

  8. They were a group formed from Supergirls, and they went after the German market. I’m not sure why that particular one, but it does make finding news about them harder.

  9. yep, they’re on either side of Yu Haoming in the group dancing picture. Why wouldn’t they exist?

    Never heard of Jade before. Who are they/

  10. Oh wow…Reborn still exists? What about Jade, that girl group who went to Germany?

    I don’t know…it really doesn’t look like Xie Na though.

  11. In addition to me totally forgeting about Zhang Jie, I also recognize Reborn from the picture. And is that Xie Na in the third (not counting the man-touching picture) picture?

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