New Boyband? Wind and Cloud’s New MV for All’s Well Ends Well 2009


Girl Not Included

So when I posted on A-One, I think I alluded to these guys, but in general I’ve blocked them out of my mind like they never existed. However their first MV is the first look at All’s Well Ends Well 2009, which was the third most anticipated Chinese movie of the holiday season. Creepy isn’t it? The look at All’s Well Ends Well starts a while in…is it worth going through the pink sugary sweetness to get to that and Louis Koo? I’ll let you decide.

Feng Yun Bang – Happy New Year 2009 (Fixed Audio Version)

This one has seven? members. I believe they are from a Beijing-based company. When you think about how many of these boybands are Beijing-based it’s pretty sad considering Beijing is China’s rock and roll epicenter. I would tentatively say that they’re another Chinese boyband for the count, AGAIN, but they’re not trying so much the flashy song and dance technique though as much as cute, which at this point is almost refreshing. What can I say? China’s music scene has completely gone off its rocker. When you pump boybands out faster than South Korea, there’s really something drastically wrong.

I can’t hate them too much… my Wang Yuexin approves of them and at least they have a Chinese name. That boy in the glasses is adorable too…reminds me of a cute turtle for some reason. When A-One debuts we’re so doing a poll on these new boybands…I’m pretty sure this is the last one for 2008 but you never know. One can only hope…since at this point four..five? (I’ve seriously lost count) have debuted in the past two months.

And yes, I realize the video cuts off in the middle with its sound. Couldn’t find anything better. I think it’s a sign.

And remember when I said I wished the boybands would dress up in Hanfu? This wasn’t what I had in mind:


Tang Dynasty never looked so decadent.

31 thoughts on “New Boyband? Wind and Cloud’s New MV for All’s Well Ends Well 2009

  1. I actually have their CD the songs are actually pretty good, nothing really stood out but the over quality is still good.

  2. to be honest, my knowledge of Chinese history is not good enough for me to tell Han, Tang, Song, and Ming clothing apart unless it’s really obvious… it could be Ming clothing, for all I know…
    and it could also be Cantonese opera, since I can’t tell the difference between yue and kun opera’s clothings (of course, yue opera did come later, so it probably incorporated parts of kun opera)…
    I grew up in Beijing…it’s literally the only opera I can tell apart…and even that gets mixed with Sichuan opera sometimes.

  3. yeah, sorry… its kun opera. but why would kun opera use Tang outfits when it originated far later than the Tang dynasty? anyway, they definitely wouldnt have looked like that,lol… just go see paintings from the Tang and you will know. They look alot more uhh dignified.haha

  4. @…

    China’s music industry is not really mature. I don’t want them to flood the market and not allow really talented artists to survive.

    @whomever…I thought they were Tang outfits..:(

  5. eh, I don’t see anything wrong with all the boybands coming out. It’ll help make the market for it more competitive.

    I don’t really care for boybands but I like to see the progress/changes China is making on their way to becoming the world’s largest entertainment market. It’s fun to watch.

    I think China needs to get out a couple girl groups too.

  6. @Billy…I don’t know…but this group is definitely the kawaiist of the all, or as I prefer, most “Ke ai”.


    Wow…so basically they got worse as they went on?

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