Anson Hu Will Go Red in 2009 with his New EP

I couldn’t bear to leave Wind and Cloud’s song as the first post on this blog, so here’s some real quality for everyone. Having successfully become the first mainlander to give a solo concert in Taiwan, a real step forward, Anson’s now taking it back, way way back to when China could actually be called communist without Karl Marx turning in his grave. It will be the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PROC in 2009 and Anson will be releasing an EP entitled Red Songs to coincide with this.

This particular song seems particularly popular with the masses. Hear it sung by Zong Xiaolin & alan (duet) , Han Hong, Zhang Jie, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu (very contemporized). All of them are absolutely amazing singers, and it’s a treat to hear them sing a song that allows them to show off their voices. These are all live except for the Han Hong one, since that’s an MV. It is kind of funny to hear them singing about Mao though.

Say what you will about those propaganda-filled times, but they produced some awesome music, before music became too decadent for the masses of course. Which reminds me of one I’ve been looking for a while…does anyone know what the song played during the beginning of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress was?

12 thoughts on “Anson Hu Will Go Red in 2009 with his New EP

  1. For someone whose family did not undergo that period, such songs are bizarro land.

    Would like to listen to them but preferably when everyone is out or I will be sent to the local asylum by my parents for listening to songs about 毛主席.

  2. lol… I think the problem with Jade is that she has a very big framework (bonewise)…I mean, she towers over most of the guys that she works with…and so dresses may seem more awkward on her.

    Bibi’s a crazy fangirl of Jay Chou, Leehom, and David Tao…she’s so cute when she talks about them. I miss her. How did she get frozen up anyways?

  3. I don’t know. I haven’t looked up on him tbh.

    Jade is still quite pretty with short hair…lol @ comrades.

    I’m not sure, but I just think the look is “in” with some of them, and some of them probably. All that matters is that they can sing well and have some kind of personality. Which they do.

  4. whatever happened to Benji from MyHERO? he’s like gone – no news whatsoever?

    Jade Liu would look so much prettier if she dressed like a girl! is it safe to assume that the androgynous singers are “comrades”? *Li Yu Chun, Jade, Bi Bi*

  5. Lol, windowwatcher, I’ve never seen you get so excited about anyone else on this site before. Usually you just have a tacit reluctant attitude toward them. I need to put people who go on Taiwanese shows more. Too bad he’s like it from the Continental side of the pond.


    He definitely probably waited until the concert was over. But it is pretty weird to think about his Taiwanese fans listening to lyrics like “Mao is the Sun”, etc…too bad because so many of the propaganda songs were really great, with beats much better than some of the pop you hear now. Maybe they could change the lyrics like Benji, the American guy from My Hero did when he sang My Chinese Heart. That was funny.

    Ding Dang is kind of popular…and Wang Yuexin…well he never went over there, but he did pretty well because he looked hot his album cover. It’s amazing that he sold better than Jade Liu despite Tank and FLH in her MV. I think it was because her cover was too ugly.

  6. I can just imagine him going on Yu Le Bai Fen Bai (which seems to like him a lot, considering he’s been on there 4 times) promoting that album to Alan Luo…lol

  7. I hope this won’t affect his popularity in Taiwan. He’s the only mainlander we got over there that’s actually popular…

  8. OMG I love Anson Hu!!! I saw him on some random show and just wanted to huggle him <3 As a fellow mainlander, I was so happy he was able to have a concert in Taiwan. I don’t wanna get into my thoughts on China’s current state of “redness” but I will say the song is pretty chill. Mao would be proud….

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