Guo Jiaming skips International Emmys for drama with Eva Huang Shengyi


Guo Jiaming (not Guo Jingming), became the youngest best actor nominee in the International Emmy Awards history, nabbing the nom for “My Own Private Deutschland“, a performance that the committee head said opened his eyes to understand Chinese drama and Chinese actors better. He already opened my eyes to the existence of an International Emmy.

However, he missed the awards presentation in New York, on the 24th which he did not regret because he needed to go to Japan to film for the drama “Di Yan Zhi” which he said had too great of a script to pass. If he didn’t attend, he still looked freaking good at whatever event the above picture was from. This is a sad love drama set mostly in Japan, with Japanese supporting actors. It was announced back in 2002 with Liu Ye and Zhao Wei in the main roles, but for various reasons was never made. Eva Huang Shengyi is playing a wild, but lonley Chinese girl living in Japan. I really hope that Eva’s hair which seems to get more orange daily, is for this drama, and not due to personal choice.

More pics simply because I think he’s super hot in that talented, intense way:



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