Han Geng Article about Rejecting “Chinese Hana Yori Dango” is False

And this is why I keep emphasizing you can’t trust everything you read. Not only do people write things with biases, but also some people just plain make up stuff.


There was news floating around stating that Han Geng said he will not be in New Meteor Garden, and where he also talks about a SJM and A-ONE rivalry. Neither I nor darklight found anything where Han Geng says anything like this. Usually whenever news about New Meteor Garden is posted, it’s fairly noticeable on Sina, which is supposedly where this news was taken from. It also seemed odd he would address rivalry with a group who has not debuted.

This is the false article: (posting this because I feel some people were confused at this post)

Rumors have bothered ELF all over Asia about Han Geng being the chosen actor to play the character Hwa Ze Lei on the Chinese Meteor Garden revision as it will ruin his group’s name Super Junior.

In an ambush interview with Han Geng, he stated “I haven’t received any clear offer about it yet. I think the role is cool but I don’t think I will accept it. I am Super Junior, not an F4. F4 has left the memory to Meteor Garden and I don’t feel like doing it like I am trying to beat their acting or what. I want to have a role that is more interesting and that has never done by others yet. It’s not because I’m picky, but I want ELF be proud of me carrying Super Junior’s name wherever I go.”

Han Geng also answered the rising rivalry between Super Junior-M and A-One in China which he said “I respect all the groups of the world. I believe we are here because we love music and not because we want to beat someone else. I would rather go back to my simple life than let others think I am blinded by fame and game for competition. I’m not like that. If we receive awards, it’s an accomplishment of our hard works, not as a prize of winning while others lost.”

I notified mods at Asianfanatics, where I believe the article originated, and they didn’t find anything either after searching through not only Sina, but Baidu etc, so I’m pretty sure between me and darklight, and the Chinese-literate mods at Asianfanatics, this is completely false. They closed the topic, but I’m not sure how many people who have read the article will know that it was false. With his “70%” odds of actually being in this movie, I think it’s necessary to make a post to point this out, so if he is part of “New Meteor Garden” he won’t look like a jerk whose words mean absolutely nothing. This article has already spread from Asianfanatics to at least four sites that I know of, and many blogs. People are going to have a rude awakening if the cast list for the next F4 is announced and he’s on it.

I do not know why someone would have made this up. It seems really, really odd doesn’t it? I don’t know whether the person wanted to hurt Han Geng or make him look good. People in fandom have way too much time on their hands. It was very well-written for something that was probably completely made-up and it definitely had me fooled for a while; I thought I hadn’t seen it because I hadn’t been checking SINA as much lately. Personally, I’m glad to find out that he didn’t say anything like that, because it seemed too rude for Han Geng no matter how well stated the words were. This decision to enter this drama could be one of convenience, since he was actually already supposed to be in a Hunan drama before this one was announced, but that previous one is not materializing. I’m not even sure if the Super Junior boys can do their own decision making on whether or not to enter dramas, since it probably would rake in tons for SM. Besides, as darklight has pointed out to me Hunan and SM are “friends”.

Anyway, since I’ve already taken the time to make a post on this, the newest rumors on Hana Yori Dango are now that Guo Jingming, the best-selling Chinese author who is currently the lone entry in the literature category, is being recruited to play Hua Zelei, or Rui. I doubt that rumour will ever become anything substantial, but it is kind of funny. He’d get the pretty, sensitive part right I think.


Guo Jingming...author and one of the growing number of people in CHina who use their blogs to increase interest for their works a la Xu Jinglei

So…anyway, I’ll post the actual cast when it’s confirmed, but right now, everything is rumors, and just remember not all fangirls (or boys since apparently the poster of the false article on asianfanatics listed himself as a Korean male) in Asian fandom can be trusted.

15 thoughts on “Han Geng Article about Rejecting “Chinese Hana Yori Dango” is False

  1. It could have just been publicity.

    They offered it to a lot of famous people, like Wu Zun and Ariel Lin, without really any intention of hiring them. Now all the cast is in their company rather than with an outside company like SM.

    They couldn’t do the type of promotions they are doing now with someone so tied to a company, and he’s kind of old for all of the F4 parts.

  2. Xiong Qing is right he was on a Korean Show and said he was offered a role but wanted to focus on their Sorry Sorry album. I watched the show.

  3. whatever han geng does or accepts, ill still support him!!!! how pathetic of me..! lol wo ai ni hangeng!!!

    zai jian..

  4. Yes, but this article was definitely false (especially considering no one really knew who A-One was in China at that time…or now, since they STILL haven’t debuted technically).

    What bothered me most about the article was not the fact that he turned down Meteor Shower, but the words this article says he used.

    The article here says that he did not want to be a part of New Meteor Garden because he wants to be known as SJ not F4. Which makes him sound pompous considering Matsumoto Jun was part of Arashi, and still did Hana Yori Dango.

    Turning it down because he wants to use his time to concentrate on SJ activities is a lot different from turning down the role because he thinks he’ll be so popular that he’ll overshadow his status as a SJ member…

  5. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t bash A-One…he’s not a genius, but he’s smart enough to know not to bash other artists, especially if you’re more popular than them.

  6. Han Geng was actually on a Korean show saying that he did turn down the role as an F4 due to their new “Sorry Sorry” promotions.

  7. I was pretty mad at him…they are, on average, 10 years old than the characters…plus, neither of the guys are that popular anymore, one of them is a pretty crappy actor, and neither are that good looking…not to mention neither of the guys fit their roles…you don’t really encourage an industry by pickng old people, you pick young people…

  8. Wow, your’e right Zhang Chao would be perfect! Rui/Lei is supposed to be a bit autistic, and uh, Zhang Chao seems that way too. ;D In a good way.

    I like the idea of Gao Xiaochen too though. Both are super tall.

    If Zhang Chao, Gao Xiaochen, Yu Haoming and Wei Chen were the F4 there wouldn’t be the height problem anymore.

    @darklight Peter Ho probably wants to encourage the Taiwanese television industry by picking Taiwanese actors which is admirable. Too bad he hasn’t spent time in Taiwan’s tv industry in a while, and only knows older people.

  9. i think zhang chao would make a good Lei. his personality fits the character and his face reminds me of how nonchalannt Vic looked.

  10. anon: there are rumors, but Yu Haoming and Wei Chen are definitely in it. I think Yu Haoming fits both of the leads, and Wei Chen fits Huaze Lei pretty well. Han Geng doesn’t really seem to fit anything.

    Personally, I think since hunan’s so intent on “famous” people…why is Han Geng more “famous” than Yu Haoming and Wei Chen? Just because he’s not a Super Boy? If so, I think they should grab BOBO. I think Fu Xinbo fits both lead roles well. Jing Boran might not work as Huaze Lei, though.

    I really wish Peter Ho hired them for Summer of Bubbles. They would’ve been perfect for the leads. Them and Crystal Liu. But instead, he picked a bunch of super old people…..T_T

  11. i really hope its none of the people that have been rumored to take part in the series.

    i wanna see some fresh faces or at least actors that fit the part of the original series!

    but i guess this is their “original” adaptation.

  12. Yes, that’s why I said the Guo Jingming thing is funny….the netizen reaction. They could just use closeups though, lol.

    But both Wei Chen and Yu Haoming are so tall, like both are 6’1 or something right? Probably still would not work.

    I feel Yu Haoming personality wise could work as either Dao Mingsi, or Hua Zelei, but I kind of want him as Dao Mingsi and Wei Chen as Hua Zelei because of their hair. Wei Chen would not look great with permed hair whereas I think Yu Haoming could pull it off.

    Guo Jingming is good-looking though, and I could totally see him reading the book in the stairwell like Oguri Shun. :)

  13. Wow so much questionable news. A previous article said Yu Haoming was already confirmed as Rui and now Guo Jing Ming. But haha, I read that this Guo Jing Ming is only 155 cm tall! If that’s true, it would be ridiculous to cast him as any of the F4 members. Many news articles and netizens have already been poking fun at this fact, with articles such as “If Hua Zhe Lei is 155 cm, then we have to find a 140 cm tall San Cai?” and “Should we cast elementary school students as the rest of the F4 so their heights will match?”

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