Xue Zhiqian’s “Deeply Loved You” MV Part 2 released!

This one is set in modern day times, featuring the reincarnations of the two main characters from the first MV. Cliched, but always effective I guess. This is the modern version of the song, a bit slower than the classical version. I had thought about waiting to post this MV together with the first MV, but this forces you to give it a second chance yes? Artists who don’t just rely on a pretty face but do their own compositions and lyrics should be recognized more, and I still think it’s ridiculous I didn’t know Xue was the composer for the majority of his songs, especially all his good songs, until his third album. For this album he composed and wrote the lyrics for everything except for track 3 Let You Go and track 6, The Imprisonment of the Universe.

Also, here are some pictures from a promo photoshoot he did for this album release, where he tries to look cool but just somehow manages to look cute instead. He really tries that cool hip-hop look too much for someone who writes sensitive love ballads. It confuses me.

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6 thoughts on “Xue Zhiqian’s “Deeply Loved You” MV Part 2 released!

  1. btw. According to baidu, he did write Meteor Tears. He didn’t write 星河之役 (the imprisonment of the universe?)…

  2. I’m really glad he actually has a decent mv now…
    his songs are generally way too good for his mv’s.

  3. Oh…man I haven’t updated the music box in forever…sorry. It was too much of a hassle going to box.net for me. There’s some sort of glitch with editing song names there so I got tired of it.

    I’m glad you liked his music.

  4. Haha, he really does try to look all cool and hard in those photos.

    I really like the song though. This song and the song by Hou Xian in the music box over to the right… in terms of male artists.

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