New Kitty Zhang Yuqi Photoshoots: Guess Jeans and Hotspot


I expected these pictures to show up on CRIEnglish, due to the tags, but they haven’t and I imagine that is because Zhang Yuqi is not a big star…yet. Stephen Chow knows how to propel girls to stardom despite only giving them shallow vase roles, and after getting that coveted shallow vase role in CJ7, Kitty seems to be doing well in the HK film world, getting to act alongside two experienced female actresses for her upcoming film and she recently shot a series of ads for Guess Jeans’ fall winter line, showing her at her daily routine, including interviewing, photoshoots, and walking the red carpet. More below the cut.

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More here . I also found this fairly recent shoot for Hotspot magazine. The first set was very In-Style esque (I lament my cancellation of that magazine very much) and cute while these photos are just more interesting to look at, and she dons the same white wig she did for the promotions of Not All Women Are Bad.

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And I also found this really bizarre rumor that she did plastic surgery to look like Korean star Song Hyekyo. While I don’t deny that Song Hyekyo is worthy of emulation it’s really not plausible considering I remember she was berated by Stephen Chow just for using double-eyelid glue. Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. @SenseofTouch

    As long as she acts better than Song Hyegyo that’s all I really care about.

    LoveHkfilm’s review of her acting in All About Women really surprised me, saying she was the standout out of Zhou Xun and Guey Lun-mei who I admire very much for their acting skills. If that is the kind of potential she has, then she could look like basically anything and she’d be awesome.


    Well that’s really rude. Maybe we should instate something saying that you can not take out articles without permission, and must take out articles in its entirety.

    Articles can be so easily manipulated …

  2. from what I’ve read…
    the only evidence of this was that people said she looked like Song Hyekyo, so they think it might not be by coincidence…and then it snowballed into this…

    sort of like how someone took my Guo Jingming article, decided to post a picture of him, along with all the bad rumors he’s ever had, minus the stuff about how amazing is, and used it in a post as evidence on how sucky the mainland HYD is…

  3. It is bullshit made up by Korean net citizens. I saw her in numerous movies and pictures and she looks natural. Nothing artificial on her face. Where’s the evidence that she went under the knife? Did she confess it? Mind to share? Video/voice clip of her confession?

    Also, Zhang Yuqi and Song Hye Kyo look nothing alike. Who ever started this rumor is a scrub. They both have very different and distinctive features at every angle. I’ve been watching them both for quite a while now and I had never once before thought that they had any similarities; not the eyes, not the eyebrows, not the jaws, not the hair lines, not the ears, not the noses, and definitely not their bodies. When put together all these different features, the whole faces in general do not look alike.

    Everywhere I look; every article, have different bullshit stories revolving this rumor. Anyone who believes this shit is a dumbass scrub.

  4. I heard of the rumor before and I don’t think she did. Those who had plastic surgery tend to look a bit unnatural and she looks all natural to me.

    Plus, the Stephen Chow incident is reassuring.

  5. I think it is. I tried finding stuff and there’s nothing…most of the stuff is from Korean sites…Popseoul and Soompi which have absolutely no sources. Honestly, I think the only reason this particular rumor got started is because she looks like Song Hye Kyo, whose face everyone is in love with and says is perfect and finds inconceivable that there is someone else who might look like her. If it were some other celebrity then people wouldn’t be so quick to cry plastic surgery.

    The main reason I think that she didn’t get plastic surgery is because Stephen Chow admonished her for using the eyelid glue. I doubt he’d even hire or retain her as his star unless she was natural. Also it’s simply not part of Chinese culture yet…if you look at the post of Chinese celebs when younger list, all of them pretty much look the same. China was pretty much poor until the economic boom recently, so the thought of getting plastic surgery hasn’t really surfaced too much. But then again, I haven’t seen it as an issue in Taiwan either. You can look at their most famous artists to see that…Jay Chou, SHE, etc….looks just simply aren’t as much of a factor. So maybe it’s just not part of the Chinese culture. It maybe in the future…who knows? I hope not.

    Nevertheless they’re both pretty. Song Hye Kyo’s face is beautiful, and Zhang Yuqi has a nice body, that looks full-figured, which is a refreshing change from the sticks you see in popular culture. But Zhang Yuqi does have an annoying English name. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Stephen Chow movies. Anytime an actress is in his film they get an English name…like Eva Huang Shengyi. Eva’s not bad, but I’d much prefer it if she were just Huang Shengyi.

  6. is the plastic surgery really a rumor? i tried to look up articles on it, but i couldn’t really find any partially due to my limited understanding of Chinese, but rumor is that she went to a plastic surgeon and said she wanted to look like Song Hye Kyo.

    the resemblance is uncanny.

    i did see a “before and after” pic of her and even if she did get surgery, she already did resemble Song Hye Kyo. her eyes do seem a bit different, but who knows, unless she admits it herself.

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