Chinese News Batch #4: Music Themed


1. Top Combine is also getting the special treatment with a second MV for their first EP, just like Vicky Liu Yanwei. I remember the Supergirls didn’t get anything like this when they first started out. In particular Jane Zhang got absolutely nothing for her first album. Times are a changing. The MV is of Cotton Candy and is taking place at an amusement park. I’ve only posted one picture of Liu Zhoucheng, but you can check out more pics here and here of the other boys in Top Combine, ones that won’t make you look at your own face and despair at why your skin isn’t as nice and glowing as his. Highlights include Ma Xueyang playing this violin (!) and Jin Ensheng with balloons.


2. I wrote this before seeing it posted at Asianfanatics :( Ruby Lin released her first CD New Rubyology under a new management company on the 26th. Friends like Huang Xiaoming, Alec Su, Fan Bingbing, Lu Yi Ming Daowished her well through videos of support, moving her greatly. I can’t believe Alec Su and Fan Bingbing have kept in touch with her since Princess Returning Pearl. Awww… The leading man of her MV, Korean American Nathan of Korean boyband TAKE, who has been in China for the last few years doing activities was there to accompany her. You can sort of check out the MV here, but it looks like a cam version for some reason. Not exactly auspicious, but when Nathan is by your side with his cutely accented Chinese and his photogenic looks, who would care? He’s been getting around actually, in China. He’s next starring alongside hostess Xie Na in a drama.

3. Koreans haven’t been the only one trying to break into China’s market. Russian crooner Vitas is releasing a Chinese EP. I hope if he tours China again with he can get Wang Yuexin for whom Vitas has been “the only idol he’s had since a kid” to open for him because it’s fun to see Wang Yuexin who’s so self-assured usually to get startstruck and speechless in front of Vitas. Thanks to idarklight for the heads up.


4. Fit Lover which recently had a high-scale premiere with Karena Lam and about half of the guys in the movie (the hotter half imo) has quite a few songs to it. It better have a soundtrack because I like them all. Here are three songs performed by three great vocals.

First up we have Tanya Chua’s Red High Heels, my favorite of the movie’s theme songs and yet the only one without an MV. Tanya Chua is a bit underrated in my opinion, but she’s getting recognized more and more, receiving a Golden Melody award for best female artist last year. She lends her slightly husky voice to an ever diversifying range of female of voices in Chinese music that all have their own uniqueness and I really look forward to hearing more stuff like this from her.

Next up is the Fish Leong song that I had posted earlier, but this is a better version of it.

Third is a song with Leo Ku and Fish Leong as a duet…Still Good Friends. Leo’s Ku’s voice is very nice, though he sings Mandarin here. Also, this one is fun to watch because of the Zhang Junning at the window interactions with Karena. Yes, I’m biased.

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