Supermodel Lin Zhiling Directs Queen Wei in her New MV


Taiwanese Supermodel Lin Zhiling, who recently turned actress in Red Cliff, is now turning into a director! When she gets going this girl certainly moves fast. Whoever said models were just pretty faces? Queen Wei, from One Million Star Season Two, who just released her debut album, had invited her to direct her new MV, for her song “Mu Guang”. Lin was very excited about it, and said would not hesitate if the opportunity presented itself again. However she obviously was still getting used to the idea, because when crew on the MV shouted “Director, director!” she would not immediately have any reaction, and then after a moment would ask, “Are you calling me?”.

How does a new person on the music scene so easily get Lin Zhiling to direct her MV? Queen used to study advertisement and once was in famous photographer Lin Bingcun’s workroom. He cracked a joke to Lin Zhiling who often went there for shoots, and said, “This girl can really compose songs. If she sends you a song, will you direct it for her? Lin Zhiling smiled and said no problem. Afterward Queen Wei actually released her new album “Stupid”, and Lin Zhiling happily took up the challenge.


But she was completely professional. She listen to Queen Wei’s song for one month before shooting and impressed Queen with her earnestness, writing lots of notes alongside the lyrics, saying what kind of mood she wanted at those points. She also realized her dream of shooting in black and white. Once when filming an ad, she asked the director, “We can shoot in black and white, right?”. The director said, “No, not good, because you are Lin Zhiling”. Now she finally realizes that dream.

She also took care of lots of aspects of the production. At one point when they were shooting the steel suspension bridge part, and Queen was too frightened to let go, she jumped down and comforted her and told her not to be afraid. She also took care of the small details. At one point in the MV, after she throws a compass to the sea, Queen Wei found Lin Zhiling pulling out a compass from her pocket and saying, “I was afraid that the crew could not find the stage prop, so I prepared it myself”.


During filming, it was raining. This experience led those working to proclaim she was really a supermodel. Just because she wore a yellow raincoat, suddenly everyone felt more fashionable as well.


I can’t express how much I enjoyed reading this cute, cute article. I was originally going to do a quick summary and stick it in the music batch (that’s why it only has four instead of five things now), but it kept me smiling the whole way through, so I translated more, etc although not fully because i’m in a rush. (It is Thanksgiving and after all I’m still on “hiatus”) Before I didn’t really have an opinion of Lin Zhiling (most articles about her just mention her legs etc) but now she just seems so adorable. I can’t wait to see this MV!
Oh and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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