Vicky Liu Yanwei’s Second MV: Mao Xian (Risk)

I was extremely surprised she got a second MV, and that’s obvious, because if I had expected it I definitely would have just waited for the MV and grouped it with my first post on her. As it is, I’m making a new post because I really liked this song much better than her first song, even though it is also in a way generic cpop, but in a pleasant way.

Also, since I am making another post on her, here are some pictures of her from a photoshoot that’s supposed to be showing two sides of her. Which two sides I’m not quite sure. The article that accompanied the pictures said it was supposed to be naivete and sexy appeal. Right…

Click the pictures to see up close all the facets of Ms. Liu. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her if Chengtian Entertainment has their say, and I need to stop being so surprised when Chinese entertainment companies actually spend on their artists and just be grateful.

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6 thoughts on “Vicky Liu Yanwei’s Second MV: Mao Xian (Risk)

  1. She’s doing good. The thing with Chinese singers is they “debut” and then they need to work at gaining their popularity. So she’s been touring around different places, especially universities, and she’s been well received. She also got nominated for best newcomer or something at two award ceremonies. Although they really do have a lot of those in China…

    Don’t worry, Chengtian is a good company. ^^ They have an eye for talent, and strings to pull.

  2. I like this song much better.

    I can understand your concern with the direction of cpop with all the boybands and emphasis on dancing because, unfortunately, image sells. However, I don’t think it’ll ever get to the point where the music industry will be overly saturated with that kind of stuff. Too much talent would go to waste.

  3. Yeah, I guess they didn’t really fork out that much money for her. But I’m still amazed that she got a second MV because Qiao Renliang never really even got one for his EP and he had a huge, gigantic fanbase. I’m just glad she gets to show off her vocals more here, without any of that dancing. Now she seems more like a singer who can also dance, rather than a dancer who tries to sing, which kind of bothers me and is a direction I hope no one goes in cpop. Maybe they have already, who knows?

  4. She looks really pretty in those pictures and has a cute dimple. The song wasn’t too special though, and I liked the first MV more, though this song was better.

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