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I added a survey under the Pages section on the righthand column, so please take it and tell me how you think I can improve the site. I decided to keep this on top of the site for a little while, so remember to check for new posts below when visiting.

2 thoughts on “Please Take the Reader Survey!

  1. Eh, they’re cute enough to make anything work. I actually enjoyed JBR’s pants, if that didn’t sound too weird like it did to me. They fit his personality.

    But I’m so excited that finally Chinese companies are promoting their singers overseas! How amazing is that? In a few years hopefully people will know them and I won’t have to run this site anymore because people will actually be able to find other information on them in English.

  2. great place to place your mini-update…

    but yay on the global part! On the other hand, I didn’t think they looked as great as they usually do in this particular mv. FXB’s mushroom head is not the best haircut he’s had and JBR’s pants were really sloppy compared to the other school uniform-styled clothings.

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