Xue Zhiqian’s New “Deeply Loved You” MV Released


So a while back I wrote that Shinji Tanimura had invited Jacky Xue Zhiqian to his Osaka music festival, and then idarklight pointed out, hey, Xue Zhiqian writes his own songs! Which is amazing, because who knew this good-looking guy could write such beautiful songs? I need to stop being prejudiced. This is his newest single from his 3rd album, also called Deeply Loved You.

The first single was “Legend/Chuan Shuo” which was the one that got him invited to the festival. The MV for this has two parts, one set in their past life and one set in the present day. The album will release in December. I highly recommend you check out this MV for the first part, since it’s got all the cliched parts of Asian MVs that we love and the song is really pretty.

I really can’t be blamed for automatically assuming this prettyboy didn’t write his own songs, because come on:


Xue Zhiqian and BFF Jun Jun giving fans absolutely no heads up on if they would be talented or not.

The female lead for the MV is Jia Qing who goes way back with both of them, and was in Xue Zhiqian’s Ren Zhen De Xue MV, which was beautiful, beautiful song also composed and written by Xue. You guys should check it out.

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