I Am Veeker – New Online Sci-Fi Comedy Series

Previous picture changed due to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!

Previous picture changed to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!

We’re all big BoBo fans here at CFensi, and when I say we, I mean me and idarklight, who’s pretty much the only other person who has contributed to posts at this site. So this series caught our attention because it’s the first time Fu Xinbo, the older one in BoBo has been in a drama, and as you can see from the still, he’ll be playing the “villain”.

However this series would probably be worth watching just because it’s script was written by Ning Caishen, who was behind My Own Swordsman/Wu Lin Wai Zhuan / 武林外传 which was a extremely well-written parody of Wuxia that has a huge cult following in China despite its extremely low-budget and virtually unknown cast. You can watch the full I am Veeker series here which is going to be airing completely online at ku6.com in lieu of on television, at a total of 6-7 episodes of about 25 min each, since as it appears, the internet is the future for money-making in China. Keep in mind that this is a comedy and it is very much tongue-in-cheek. Especially when it pokes fun of Sanlu milk powder. :D

A trailer, interview with Fu Xinbo, and BoBo fuzzy moments etc after the cut. A big thanks to idarklight for the heads up about this, and for writing the bulk of this post. If she wrote it, you know it’s better quality than most of the drivel that I post.


This is an interview Fu Xinbo did about the series, translated by idarklight.

WE:What was your feeling when you first read Ning Caishen’s script?
FXB: I always felt that Ning Caisheng’s scriptwriting abilities are amazing. I often sit at home and watch My Own Swordsman (wu lin wai zhuan). Every line was hilarious. Then, I thought, the scriptwriter is so talented. This time, I was able to work with Caisheng. It was great, and I hope I’ll be able to work with other scriptwriters like him. Caisheng’s a fascinating person.
He can joke around with everyone, so filming this was very fun.

WE: It’s your first time filming, and you’re already working with so many experienced actors. Do you feel pressured?
FXB There’s definitely pressure, but it’s also a type of motivation. Working with these experienced actors is very enjoyable, and I can learn a lot from them.

WE: Why did you pick to act as a bad guy?
FXB: He’s not purely evil. He’s a complicated character. He’s actually a good person, but was manipulated by others. You’ll see after watching it. I really like this character.

WE: If you could give your performance this time a score, what would it be?
FXB: I think…80.

WE: Such a low score! Aren’t you being too hard on yourself?
FXB: I think being hard on myself is a good thing, because there will be other characters waiting for me. Because this is the first time I’m in a drama, and I’ll be in many more, I have to work harder.

WE: While you were filming Wei Ke Di Guo 《微客帝国》,what was Jing Boran doing?
FXB: He was also filming a drama. We’re going to release an EP at the end of the year, but right now, BOBO is expending into different sections of acting
, and will have our own products for everyone.

WE: Do you guys have a lot of pranks in real life?
FXB: Yes, but it’s usually Jing Boran. Haha, sometimes I would scare the workers on purpose, too. It makes the working environment more relaxed.

WE: On your blog, you said you brought a iTV. Do you go online a lot at home?
FXB: Yep, I like to go online. But in my spare time, I prefer going out on the streets or exercising.

WE: In the cast, are you the most obsessed about your looks?
FXB: Probably, but it’s because the director has really strict requirements for me. He says my hair can’t be messed up in any scene, so I’m a bit strict on myself, as well.

WE: Your bangs can never be messed up?
FXB: Right.

WE: Your skin is so nice, how do you take care of it?
FXB: Before, when I lived in Xi’an, I never really used anything. Now, because I often work all night without sleep, so I would use skin masks once in a while, at the most once a week. I don’t spend that time taking care of it.

WE: What is the targeted audience of Wei Ke Di Guo《微客帝国》?
FXB: I think everyone from 3-70 is our audience. Haha, because I think it’s a very light-hearted and funny comedy.

WE: Especially with such an amazing staff.
FXB: Right, with the lead of Caisheng, we want it to be very popular.

WE: Today is Halloween, how are you spending it?
FXB: I just found out it was halloween, but I don’t usually celebrate this type of holiday. Plus, I still have work tomorrow, so I’ll probably go home and prepare for it.



And since the following were also translated by idarklight, I’m posting them as well because they give you an insight into why we like BoBo so much. These are compiled anecdotes from a staff worker from the My Hero show who recently wrote these on her blog but has since stopped doing that because many crazy “Only” fans left her rude messages accusing her of supporting the other half of BoBo.

You refers to Jing Boran, and Him refers to Fu Xinbo.

The first day at the Castle (note: where the final 10 of My Hero lived), everyone was really excited and curious. You accidentally used the tub for washing faces to wash your feet, and K and L threatened you to give them some new underwear as an apology. Baozi (Fu Xinbo) came over and said, why does foot-washing require underwear as an apology, and then used a very threatening voice saying “If you want underwear, we have none to give, but if you want socks, I have several pairs.” Then you guys cracked up. In the end, Baozi gave away several pairs of socks to end this incident, and warned you that if you used the tub for faces to wash your feet, he doesn’t have anymore socks to give out. You angrily gave him a watch (Jing Boran bit Fu Xinbo). Poor him, he said “you’re too scared to bite them, so you’re biting me?” Then you laughed.

Although you guys are always overworked, you guys always kept your happy attitude. When Zhang Chao and Kimi sing in the shower, you two would run in front of the bathroom door to clap and scream like fans, yelling encore, encore.

When he showers, you would go tell him that you’re going to take his clothes away, and make him come out with a towel to beg you for his clothes. Then, when he comes out, he’ll go over to you to shake his head, getting water all over you, and another battle follows.

When you almost left, everytime he met a worker he would ask if you were going to be eliminated. Everyone avoided him because if anyone talked to him, he’d analyze the situation for them. Then he would ask, is my analysis right? Will he be eliminated? When he was on the list, you, too, dragged people into analyzing whether he’d be eliminated.

Luckily, you guys continued together. Everytime you guys did something together, it’s either full of you two biting each other, or biting other people together, to the point that the employees said that to punish you two, we should buy two dog collars to chain you to the doors of the Castle.

At that time, though it was summer, the Castle still had the AC on, and it was chilly. Everytime at night, when he went to the bathroom, he would pick up the blanket that you kicked to the ground and cover you up again. When you woke up, you would pile your blanket and stuffed animals on him, saying it was a way to wake him using pressure.


You’re a picky eater. Whenever you guys aren’t in the same place, when he eats, he would always borrow our cellphones to call you, to ask you if you ate yet. If you didn’t, he would get take-out for you. Those times, I felt that you two were such good friends. We were all jealous of your friendship. I remember one competitor asking you guys if you guys were brothers separated at birth. You said you weren’t separated at birth, you guys were brothers in a past life. He added that you guys were brothers in the lifetime even before the previous one. I forgot who it was, but he said that you guys might as well as be brothers back in the times of monkeys. After that, everyone would ask you, where’s your monkey brother? You would reply, he went on the Journey to the West.

So yes, their friendship is very beautiful isn’t it? Hopefully they can increase their exposure through dramas, but never drift too far apart as friends because that would be such a shame.

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  1. Awesome! They are very loveable and talented. I hope their singing talent can cross over to their acting. Jing Boran imo from the few skits they’ve done has been the better actor, so Fu Xinbo’s acting surprised me because I thought it was pretty good. I think they could really do well in dramas, except China doesn’t have that many idol dramas, but that’s okay. Quality is what counts and Fu Xinbo started off well.

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