Huang Jinlun celebrates topping the charts with Jam Hsiao

While JJ Lin never quite made it to the top of the Taiwanese G-Charts with his album “Sixology”, another Singaporean, Huang Jinlun did, with his new album Jing’s Note, after placing sixth on Season Three of One Million Star and most popular contestant. Jam was there to celebrate his number one position, wrapping a big blanket around him.I’m sorry I lost the link to the source, and finding it again was harder than I thought, so this was basically from memory…but I really wanted to post this picture. How cute are they?


Despite the light-heartedness of the promotional activities, they were damped by fellow Season 3 contestant Li Chuning’s suicide whose memorial he made time to attend during the midst of the promotions.

4 thoughts on “Huang Jinlun celebrates topping the charts with Jam Hsiao

  1. Thanks for the link, this got lost in the spam que. I really like Kang Xie…probably my fav pair of hosts in Taiwan entertainment. That’s cool they were together! :D Awww, Huang was trying to lose weight! That’s kind of weird every guest was foreign on that show.

  2. No but I checked out his category in your site now, and you’re right, he’s pretty cute :D Although I haven’t found anything of him singing anything other than ballads.

    I agree about the Singaporean singers, although I’m not sure if I’d call it a wave. I’m totally interested in this another Singaporean singer…Tanya Chua…she’s a girl though, so I don’t know if you’d like her sound, but I want to make a post on her because she’s got a song coming out I love but I’ll only post it if there’s an MV available so I don’t know if I’ll make that post in the end. But I love her voice.

  3. I’m really digging the wave of new Singaporean singers that have invaded Taiwan lately. I haven’t checked out Huang Jinlun yet but I totally will now. Have you heard Derrick Hoh? I sort of completely dig him right now, and of course Jam Hsiao is always good!

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