Hit-5 sets a ratings record on Happy Camp?


I found this on their baidu and I don't care if it's related to this post or not. Chinese comic (man hua) style is so beautiful! If the Chinese boybands dressed up like this, I would not mind them.

Okay, I’ll change the picture of “HIT-5” when I actually find a decent picture of them all on Happy Camp. But I don’t really understand what China means by their “records” anymore…the article is here if anyone wants to analyze this and tell me exactly who set what records for Happy Camp and compare it say, to Top Combine’s “record-setting” appearance on Happy Camp. I’ve never understood even American rating systems so I’m lost.

However, it’s safe to say, as the article noted, they did attract surprisingly a lot of attention after what was only one short press conference, and a lot less press coverage than Top Combine whom the media seems to love over everyone else who has debuted. HIT-5 in contrast has very few news articles, and for example, had no picture accompanying this article unlike the one for Top Combine. Perhaps that will change if they ever finally release an EP or album. I didn’t really think that the show did as nice a job with their guest spot as Top Combine, and they had other guests as well, but the audience members all looked insanely happy so I guess they were satisfied. Oh the power of pretty boys over fangirls.

You can watch their vcr introduction for their appearance here, where they poke fun of Yang Fan (Ze Meidao)’s status as a net idol, etc.

Duan Huangwei singing solo, I’m Sorry.

That’s all I got. Mainly I think I just wanted an excuse to post that picture of the animated Hit-5. I know, my posts need quality control. And yes, despite posting four times in a row today, I’m still on “hiatus”.

Oh and they actually did set a record, because they are thanking people for that, and supporting them here:

5 thoughts on “Hit-5 sets a ratings record on Happy Camp?

  1. It’s out now? O.O

    Here’s an article supposedly from Hunan:
    according to this one, Hunan tv has been setting records a lot recently…so maybe Top Combine gave a lot of expectations for people for hit-5? Dicky Cheung did talk about his relationship for the first time…

  2. Maybe there’s another article with Dicky Cheung… I didn’t check. If you look at the audience, I really feel like they came for HIT-5 and the ratings probably reflect that as well, especially since Dicky Cheung didn’t draw many mainlanders to the movies with “Champions”, which is totally is bombing. Uninteresting episode in general.

    So they set two different record types?

    I guess the main point of bring up this article is that Hit-5 seems like they are going to make it if the members don’t kill each other, considering that girls group, Butterfly is coming out with a new album and who’s really payed attention to them?

    Oh btw…I just watched the MV for Deeply Love You, and Xue Zhiqian floors me. I love that song so much now.

  3. I think this one…they meant the percentage…

    and why report HIT-5? personally, Dicky Cheung, also on that episode, is a much interesting person and a bigger draw than them…

    the intro was the best part of their segment of Happy Camp

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