Chang Chen and Guey Lun-Mei Support Aids Awareness


These two extremely talented Taiwanese thespians went to Taipei in order to support aids awareness, specifically helping to raise funds for babies afflicted with aids, and singed shirts for the cause. Guey Lun-mei appealed to everyone to show affection to babies, as kisses and hugs would not transmit aids. Chang Chen spoke about how such an important matter children with aids was, and yet neglected in our society. More pictures of the two at this event  here.

I think it’s really wonderful that they’re doing charity work since they’re both two of my favorite actors, but I kind of wish it didn’t seem like a promotion for Parking, the movie that they’re both in that is being released soon and has been screening in festivals. Still, of course I’m going to see it, because it’s Guey Lun-mei and Chang Chen. In a movie. Together.

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