Zhang Ziyi on the cover of South Korean Vogue Magazine


Weird…I thought that South Korea only got its first Korean star on Vogue’s cover last year when Song Hyegyo was on it, so what’s Zhang Ziyi doing on there? It’s odd timing too. The only new movie she has coming out soon is Mei Lan Fang and I didn’t think that would be the type to cross over to other countries, even other other Asian countries. Maybe it has something to be with her Chinese-South Korean joint production under CJ entertainment but that hasn’t even started filming. It’s just odd. More pictures here although they are only photos of the magazine, and they’re not very interesting. Photography by Oh Joong Seok.

5 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi on the cover of South Korean Vogue Magazine

  1. Even though the makeup is really strange, I actually like the strangeness. It’s something refreshing after seeing all those Korean beauty photoshoots. :/

  2. Yes, it’s true, maybe 90% certain to clarify. Should I post something on it? I really don’t want to have so many posts on this series before it even begins.

  3. bad make-up.

    anyway, just wanted to know if there are any truths behind the rumour that Han Geng (of SJM) will also be part of the Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango?

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