Zhang Zilin in South Africa with Miss World Contestants

She’s crazy tall…


The reigning Miss World was in Johannesburg, South Africa with seven Miss World contenders for the FIFA world cup to assist with the draw that sorts teams into groups for the tournament next summer.

Seven of the candidates hail from the countries participating in the tournament, with Iraq represented by reigning Miss World, Zilin Zhang of China. The young women attended a photo shoot at Ellis Park on Thursdayafternoon, posing for a couple of dozen photographers with former South Africa captain Lucas Radebe at the venue for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 Final. She passes on her crown I believe in December to one of the lucky contenders for Miss World 2008.

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I’m so jealous at how athletic she is. She wrote an insane, technical essay-like post in defense of and clarifying reasons why Liu Xiang’s dropping out of the Olympics 110 hurdles was not surprising, on her blog and here she is kicking it up in South Africa. Like one of the meccas of soccer. I think. XD I don’t think it’s fair really. She’s got the looks, intelligence and athleticism. Mainly I just really envy her getting to train with Liu Xiang though because he’s hot. One more pic of her below, with her crazy long legs.


And one with her instrument of meeting Liu Xiang.


Edit: And oh how convenient…after clicking on the Zhang Zilin tag you’ll find this article by our favorite reporter Jane McCartney and her take on what Zhang Zilin’s win meant for China, in her rosy-tinted classes courtesy of London’s Time newspaper.

They were forbidden for 54 years – frowned upon for their bourgeois decadence. But three years after Beijing lifted a ban on beauty pageants, China is celebrating the capture of the Miss World crown for the first time.

The coronation – on home soil – of Zhang Zilin, a 23-year-old secretary who is 6ft tall and has a degree in business administration, was greeted with widespread public delight in a country whose people have taken to such competitions with abandon. Miss Zhang’s blog received well over a million hits yesterday as congratulations poured in from cyberspace.

The response was more muted from the Communist Party media. The triumph of Miss Zhang, her face wreathed in smiles and her slim form clad in a figure-hugging, ruffled evening dress, failed to push a meeting of senior politicians in grey suits from the front pages of most official websites and newspapers.

The result, though, will reinforce the importance of beauty as a powerful currency in modern China. One Chinese airline, China Southern, ran its annual recruitment drive over six months on a reality television show that required applicants to be aged 24 or under, be above average height and to have slender legs. Thousands lined up for 180 vacancies.

Such is the rivalry over looksthat internet portals regularly host contests where young beauties are invited to submit their photographs for votes. Websites provide prizes such as holidays to Italy or the US for winners.

One admirer’s message on Miss Zhang’s blog stated: “You’ve brought honour to our country. We’re all happy for you! We’re proud for China.”

The 57th Miss World pageant was held at Sanya, a seaside resort on the southern tropical island of Hainan, the third consecutive Miss World to be hosted by China.

Miss Zhang hails from Shijiazhaung, a gritty industrial city in the northern Hebei province, and says that her favourite foods are chocolate and ice cream. She is now certain to become a role model for a generation of Chinese women.


I’m sorry, but my hate for this “reporter” Jane Macartney has gotten to outstanding levels. I’m not even trying to find articles by here, and yet, they are so easily found. Here she is…writing biases “articles” about China whenever her fingers touch the keys of her computer. Does she have no shame about her biases? Does she have to spin an ugly story for every China related event? Can she stop using superlatives like “most” without any backing? Can she stop using various China’s “internet portals” as a source for how trends are going in China? How on earth did she manage to turn the selection of China’s Miss World entry by an international committee as a way to point to Chinese obsession with beauty that as she points out, is begrudingly allowed by the “grey-suited” men? Ms. McCartney, you do realize these grey drab looking suits originated in your country, England right? Despite their uncomfortable nature that could only be practical in the misty climate of England, they spread over the world due to England’s dominance just as globalization started to occur. Someone stop me from seeing this woman write!

I’m sorry, I promise…no more of these posts on why the newspaper the Times sucks. Couldn’t help myself there. I have created a tag for Jane McCartney though should anyone like to peruse her work that I have documented on this site.

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  1. To be quite fair, she’s probably just paying the bills …it just disturbs me that this is what people want to read about China. If not, she wouldn’t always write stuff like this.

  2. Yes, I wanted to translate it…but translations take me longer than say just writing an opinionated post on something and I’m technically still on hiatus. But I will most certainly try to translate when I have the time, maybe in a week? She was very eloquent, as I suppose she needs to be to be a credible Mis World.

  3. Wow, I am intrigued by the idea of her essay. Would you ever consider translating it? I’d appreciate it greatly, but perhaps I will go pore over a dictionary myself…:)

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