Top Combine interviewed Jam Hsiao but could not interview SJ-M


TC: The number of questions we ask you depends on if you pose with our CD Jam Hsiao: Fine by me!

Update: Top Combine will be guest stars on the third episode of Ugly Wudi. I have no idea why they hired Doremi to do their promotional activities, when it’s obvious that Hunan TV is backing them and isn’t going to stop promoting them until they are sucessful. Hit-5 or Seventeen should have been the ones to hire Doremi.

Recently mainland China’s new boyband, Top Combine, was invited to be guests performers at the Southeast Music Awards Ceremony and became Hunan Tv’s special interviewers, interviewing many stars backstage who came to receive an award.

The interviewed Jam Hsiao, actor William, and their good friends Zhang Jie, and Li Yifeng. But they could not interview SJ-M because of difficulties (unstated). After repeatedly asking, they could only give up this opportunity for direct dialogue with SJ-M.

Source. Watch the clip of them interviewing people here (starts at about 6 min in). They’re not very good at it, lol. Oh, and a real, SINA interview with Jam Hsiao here…his interviews are better watched than read though.

Yes, I know…that hiatus barely lasted a day, but uh, this article was very short, yet interesting. Anyway, don’t half of you guys come for Top Combine news? So back to hiatus. Actually expect a couple of more posts since someone else did a translation for me. Then I’m definitely back on hiatus.

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  1. Eeek. Do people read my old posts? They were so horribly written and I was going through that newbie blogger phase where I wanted to write on everything.

    In general I’ve taken it down a notch with the Top Combine posts because they have their own forum, but I’ll post the subbed version of Behind the Story whenever Nepheliad gets done with.

  2. Did anyone watch Behind the Story were Xiao Wu was talking about his family? I couldn’t stop crying! But I want them to do a second part cause they didn’t give enough time for the other guys to tell their stories.

  3. oh never mind i got it to work….
    to darklight: xueyangs’s hair is okay-ish….but ya, i like the other one better too

  4. can you give me the url for the top combine interview with jam hsiao?
    because everytime i click the link “here” my window closes

  5. but I think hunan owns ee entertainment (Tianyu), which is what most of the Super Girl/Boys are in.
    I think the answer’s yes for DoReMi…They’re also working with Yu Haoming.

  6. @windowwatcher Hiatus basically means less posts, and no translations XD I seriously suck at hiatuses, yes, but I’m doing better than last time I tried hiatus.

    @darklight Well, Hunan’s not exactly a company… they’ve already invested way more than is needed into TC. So is DoReMi still with them? Will they still be doing their choreography and title song for the rest of their albums?

  7. DoReMi was the one that provided the dance and vocal trainings as well as the dance routine and some of their music (and Kim Ensung). Hunan couldn’t have packaged them so well.

  8. I don’t know…he used to look really hot, like a hot non-animated version of JoJo from Horton Hears a Who but now he just looks like Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago.

    Thank you. All (good) comments about my captions are much appreciated.

  9. ewww….what’s with Ma Xueyang’s new haircut? The old one was so much better!

    (I love your captions, btw)

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