Southeast Music, TVB, and CCTV-MTV Awards

And oh yeah I forgot to post this …the awards.

I don’t really know who’s idea it was to arrange for these all to be either going on at the same time or consecutively but I suppose at least for the Southeast Music Ranking Awards and CCTV-MTV Music awards it cheapened the airfare spent for some artists who were at both (SJ-M, Jam Hsiao, etc). Usually I don’t really care for these, because when Chinese-language regions span mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Singapore there are way too many award shows and most of them are popularity contests but there were three so might as well get these out in one go. However, some of the awards given either did not interest me or where hard to find…(the Chinese characters were kind of gibberish on some of the pages)…so these lists may be incomplete.

6th Annual Southeast Music Ranking Awards Ceremony

– Top Combine was a guest performer, and performed Arrival. They are really getting favored considering they’ve only debuted less than a month ago.

Favorite Mainland newcomer: Li Yifeng and Zhang Liyin
Favorite newcomer from HK/Taiwan: Jam Hsiao
Favorite Mainland Male Singer: Zhang Jie
Favorite Mainland Female Singer: Li Yuchun
Favorite Hk/Taiwan Male singer: Gary Cao
Favorite Hk/Taiwan Female singer: Valen Hsu
Favorite International Singer: SARA
Favorite group: Super Junior – M
Favorite Olympics song: Beijing Welcomes You
Best Overall singer: Eva Huang Shengyi (0_0)
Best Overall group: K-One
Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Music: Luo Dayu

This is the only vid I’m putting up for right now in this post, because it’s the only one that I know is subbed and that kind of effort deserves some acknowledgment. Zhang Liyin is very lucky she such fans. And because she got sandwiched between two hot guys.

TVB 41st Anniversary Awards

Most Stylish Actor/Actress: Myolie Wu (I loved her outfit!)
Most improved Actor: Wong Cho Lam
Most improved acress: Nancy Wu
Most popular TVB Blog: Raymond Lam
Most Popular TVB Program: So Good
Most informative program: Story of One Million People
Most Valued/admired show: The Art of Cantonese Opera (Liza Wang’s show)
Most Favourite Female Character: Lee Sze Kei
Most Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam
Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung
Best Supporting Actor: Wayne lai
Favourite TVB series: Moonlight Resonance
Best Actress: Michelle Yim
Best Actor: Ha Yu (first time winning since being nominated for the 2nd anniversary awards)
Lifetime achievement award: Paul Chun

9th CCTV-MTV Music Awards


Mainland Favorite New Artist: Yao Bei Na

Mainland Favorite New Artist: Yao Bei Na
Mainland Favorite Female Artist: Chen Hao
Mainland Favorite Male Artist: Pang Long
Mainland Favorite Group/Singer: Super Junior-M
Mainland Best Female Artist: Tan Jing
Mainland Best Male Artist: Wang Feng
Mainland Best Folk Singer of the Year: Lei Jia & Liu He Gang
Mainland Best Album of the Year: Xu Wei – “Love As A Young Man”
Hong Kong Favorite Female Artist: Karen Mok
Hong Kong Favorite Female Artist: Eason Chan
Taiwan Favorite Female Artist: Jolin Tsai
Taiwan Favorite Male Artist: Show Luo
HK/Taiwan Favorite New Female Artist of the Year: Joanna Wang
HK/Taiwan Favorite New Male Artist of the Year: Jam Hsiao
Taiwan/HK Favorite Group: Sodagreen
Best MV: Beijing Welcomes You
Best Video of the Year: “Bejing Welcomes You”
Best Song of the Year: “Death Will Not Separate Us” & “Bejing Welcomes You”
Special Contribution Award: Jacky Chan, Xiao Ke

What was the highlight for me? Seeing at the CCTV-MTV awards Zhong Man, the hot fencer who won China’s first men’s fencing gold…I felt so proud of myself during the Olympics for once oogling someone almost completely covered unlike the Chinese divers, gymnasts, swimmers, etc…I don’t know who the woman on the right is though. It’s not his wife.


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  1. No problem, I first saw this at Li Yifeng’s thread at asianfanatics that I made and was amazed at how fast you guys subbed.

    I tried posting more evenly split news btw HK, TW and CN, but I kind of lost interest because so much of it was posted already. I gave up on TVB because of language issues (I can’t read traditional as well) and because every single thing the TVB stars do is already posted at Asianfanatics.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ve been branching into Chinese music! It’s pretty interesting all the changes that are happening with it I think.

  2. *lol* Thanks for putting our video up. 8D

    This is my first time commenting here at your blog, but I stalk here often because finally! A blog that isn’t all about TVB – because as few people know, it isn’t the centre of the C-Pop world – or Taiwanese music – yay, less idol-y mentions! – plus, because of Liyin, I’ve been branching into Chinese music a lot lately, so it’s nice reading frequent updates on it. <3

  3. Jam Hsiao looked really good at the award ceremony. I love his voice. I wonder how he and Jang Riin would sound if they dueted, since they both have such strong voices.

  4. The girl is a pretty famous model, I think. I’m happy that Jam Hsiao, SJ-M, & Jang Ri In got awards. That’s all I care about >_< Jam Hsiao has been my No.1 Chinese singer ever since before his album debut.

  5. Oh I guess that makes sense…quan neng reminds of the Olympics and Yang Wei, and here it’s used so lightly.

    Nothing is wrong with uncovered guys…especially if you compare them to how they dressed for the ancient Olympics.

  6. and what’s wrong with uncovered guys? I have had guys in speedos (synchronize 10 m platform diving) as my wallpaper since the Olympics ended….

  7. Best Overall singer: Eva Huang Shengyi (0_0)
    It’s best overall artist (acting, singing, etc.)
    are you sure it’s not that other fencer girl who got second/third in Athens?

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