Super VC Comes back with new CD in December


It’s been a while since I talked about music that wasn’t boybands, vocal groups, whatever you’d like to call them so when I saw this article I grabbed at the chance to translate even though Super VC is not one of my favorite Chinese indie rock bands. But they are getting quite popular in China’s rock scene, and were at the Modern Sky Music Festival earlier this fall along with some of the bigger players. They have a pleasing, soothing sound and this major release two years in the making, with 7 MVs (can they really be called indie anymore?) will no doubt please their fans.

Article about the release, MVs and more Beatles-like pictures below.


In today’s 2008 China, if you say the words “London style” (not sure if translation is correct from 英伦风), everyone will bring up Chinese indie rock band Super VC (果味VC) . Whether due to their music or their style, they have gradually entered into everyone’s hearts, especially those of the young people.

In 2006 after frontman Sun Lingsheng returned back to Beijing from his studies in London, Super VC signed a contract with renowned music producer Zhang Yadong (Faye Wong’s management). After two years in the making, news has arrived that their new album “Great Restoration” will be released on December 12, 2008.


In addition, the style used for this new release has been made note of. While before they played as young independent people, they now sport a classic look similar to the Beatles. This is because, as they say, they have already grow up and can be a mature band.

The main song of the album, “3 in the afternoon” has a very fluid feel to it, with very relaxed lyrics that give a feeling of warmth. Zhen Yang, the band’s bassist, directed this and also will direct two other MVs. In total, there is expected to be 7 MVs for this album.

It should be said that despite some changes, Super VC’s new album will be maintaining their consistent style, that is, pleasant sounding, bearable to listen (I’m sure this is a compliment). Saying bye to boyhood, and emerging as men, they will satisfy everyone who likes them and everyone who supports them.



Three in the Afternoon MV:

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  3. Ah, so nice to read a translation of the article. I didn’t know the bassist directed the video. I’ve tried to watch the video 3 times but have never made it to the end…. yeah, very “relaxing”…keke. Thanks!

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