New Pictures From HSDS 2009

Will post on the recent multiple award ceremonies once I understand who won…but for right now…


After multiple much needed costume changes, I believe these pictures are some of the first HQ ones of both of the main actors in their final costumes. These include Ady An Yixuan as Zhao Min her male outfit, and Deng Chao as Zhang Wuji

Both are good actors and they look lovely together as a couple…which may not be a good thing considering all the rumors that have been flying around which say Deng Chao had broken up with actress Sun Li because of Ady. Then again, it could just be Hua Yi (the company both Deng Chao and Ady are under) trying to generate buzz about their two stars.

The last picture unfortunately, is not HQ, but it was too cute not to post. I never really have time to watch all the wuxia that comes out, but the Chinese scenery and the gorgeous outfits, especially the hanfus make them always worth looking at, and I may watch this one just for Deng Chao. He’s not great-looking but he oozes charisma. Again, thanks to Sunnysnow of for the pictures, who thanks gash of Estarsky forum. :D

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