Mini Chinese Entertainment Updates

Updates because I touched upon all of these topics before. If you don’t believe me, check the tags.

Why didn't I read the script for this before signing the contract?

Why didn't I read the script before agreeing to this movie?

1. Fan Bingbing’s Home Run was the worst-performing movie in recent years with a big-name star. Ouch. But now that she’s a bomb at the box office she’s being compared to Vicky Zhao Wei and I think she’s actually getting a bit more sympathy than she usually does, so not a total loss. Besides…it can’t be all her fault. Chapman To was in it to. Plus the story was just whack.

2. News about “New Meteor Garden”. They want to film it in Shanghai and despite considering the Superboys Yu Haoming and Wei Chen (no mention of Chen Chusheng), they said would also be scouting at major universities for the roles. They will definitely be following the plotline of Hana Yori Dango, which was slightly unclear before. They are changing names (which makes sense…too confusing otherwise). Dao Min Si will be Yun Si and Shan Cai will be Lu Qian ? (陆千荨).

3. The song which Wang Zi of Bang Bang Tang aka Lollipop wrote the lyrics for has its MV out. Well, it’s been out actually. Doesn’t really seem like the fans chosen for it got much or any screentime though.

4. Jane Zhang’s concert has already sold 3 million yuan worth of tickets. Also, new photos of her “letting her hair down”. Previous set of photos had her hair up, and this is supposed to show a different, wilder side of her hinting at the variety she’ll bring to the concert. It’s sad when you think how you can count off on your finger how many of the former Supergirl contestants who have enough hair to pull off something similar.

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5. Jacky Xue Zhiqian wrote on his blog about getting invited to the Osaka Asia Music Festival by Shinji Tanimura. He also posted some cute pictures of himself playing around in his Sun Wukong garb for the Dragon TV 5th anniversary photoshoot.

Company: Do you know Shinji Tanimura?

Jacky: Useless words, of course!

Company: He really liked your “Legend”/Chuan Shuo song…and wants to invite you to the Osaka Music festival.

Jacky: …kidding right?

Company: I’ll show you kidding…(开你个头…wasn’t sure how to translate exactly)

Goes on to say how happy he is, how honored that the might Shinji Tanimura could possibly know his lowly self, etc, etc

6 thoughts on “Mini Chinese Entertainment Updates

  1. A new Meteor Garden?!! I’d be curious to see that. But reallly… by that time I will have already watched Taiwan’s, Japan’s & Korea’s version. Mmmm but I’d still have to check it out!

  2. Yeah I thought it was weird too but I never even bothered to look at the credits! I feel so bad for automatically assuming he didn’t compose/write his songs…he and Jun Jun both have the cool, hip look, not scholarly at all.

    I looked at his info in baidu…Wow, I can’t believe he wrote all of those songs. I always thought Ren Zhen De Xue is amazingly beautiful…and he wrote it! And that weird clown song that I liked on his second album too! Like seriously, wow. He wrote all of his good songs.

    I always wondered how he was able to come out with an album so soon after he appeared on My Show, but now I know it’s because he wrote most of them himself…the company didn’t have to do much.

    I blame his English-speaking fans for not saying anything…like nobody mentions it on the youtube descriptions. Usually people jump at the chance to announce their idol isn’t just a pretty face, but not for him. This is why I wish mainland Chinese idols are well known in the English-speaking world. I want to know who writes their own songs!

    Also, do Xue Zhiqian and Jun Jun still hang out? I haven’t seen pics of them in forever! It seems like they run in different circles now. :( They used to be quite cute as well together.

  3. The credits section of his mvs…lol

    Apparently, in his last album, he wrote 8 of his songs.

    I was wondering why Shinji would invite someone who seems like just another pretty face instead of the writer of the song…but now I know.

    I would rather they be solo…at least that way, their friendship wouldn’t get sabotaged by crazy fans.

  4. What…where’d you hear that? I thought he was just a pretty face too! *cough* like Jun Jun *cough*

    Seriously…the so-called “idol” singers that come out of China’s competitions really, really pleasantly surprise me. I keep finding out so many of them wrote their own songs! I wonder who else writes their own music…

    Some of his songs are really nice too…kind of mellow for my taste, but still really impressive. I like his most recent one, Deeply Love You. When and if the MV comes out I will definitely post it here.

    I had always though if it would have been better if Xue and Jun Jun would have been in a group like BoBo, but if Xue can write his own songs and has a voice that’s much, much nicer than Jun Jun, then why not be solo?

  5. so I just re-listened to Chuan Shuo on youtube….
    I did not know that Xue Zhiqian wrote all of his songs (lyrics and music)! I thought he was just another pretty face…I’m impressed. And his songs are really good, too. The lyrics are also very poetic, like his name. I love his Chinese name! (speaking of which, Jacky is horrible.)

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