Kim Junghoon to team up with BoBo duo for New Drama?


Kimg Junghoon is probably one of my favorite Korean actors, though not really so much for his acting skills. His smile, personality and intelligence is what makes him attractive. His appeal also transcends national boundaries as he has a fairly substantial music career in Japan, and a budding acting career in China. Just from that alone you know he’s intelligent since Japan’s music industry is very lucrative and China’s actors get paid fairly well, whereas Korea’s drama actors are getting salary cuts.

His first drama in China is Liang Ai Bing Fa or Art of War. Towards the end of a long article about a press conference for it and how it is doing well ratings-wise in China, a note was made that Kim Junghoon will next be making a drama with Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran, aka BoBo. Despite the fact that I like BoBo a lot, I have to say, this is kind of a downgrade from the awesome Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu (his costar in Lian Ai Bing Fa), whose charm also transcends national boundaries. But there’s hope yet…the leading lady is still being cast.

Edit: And yeah, I’m very disappointed that disappointed that BoBo didn’t win best group at whichever award ceremony they were nominated at. The boy’s fans need to stop killing this group slowly but surely.

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  1. Kim Jung Hoon’s role in Witch Yoo Hee was also antagonistic. That’s why I want to watch Lian Ai Bing Fa!

    BOBO is cute. I think I will pay more attention to him from now on :]

  2. Yeah, I don’t really understand how he managed to make himself known from Goong since I thought his acting was terrible in that. I think it was the script though…there were times I wanted to laugh at how bad the lines were. I couldn’t finish that series and yet I still managed to like him for some reason and I think he’s a large part of the reason I like Gao Xiaochen。

    Speaking of which, Dragon TV needs to get Gao Xiaochen to act in their series. He’s rather stoical, but he does have charm and a killer smile, and I don’t think his acting would be worse than anyone in Goong or F4 or Mike He etc. Do you know if Gao Xiaochen is signed with anyone? I’m terrible at looking up who is with which company, and it is definitely the best indication if someone will have a future or not. It better not take him as long as it took Jun Jun to release something. Gao Xiaochen has a nicer voice, and he’s a music major as well in University. He should be able to do something in this field.

    CCTV is stupid, end of story. You know a lot, idarklight, for someone who has only known these people for less than a year…I was actually able to follow the first My Hero series and the second and I don’t know as much. It’s weird how the first season everyone was so manly and then 2nd season everyone was so boyish. Maybe their demographic changed suddenly.

  3. KJH plays the lead in Lian Ai Bing Fa, so don’t worry.
    But really, playing Yul in Goong was a good role. It’s how he’s so popular.

    Wei Chen introduced me to BOBO….there were several threads on Wei Chen’s tieba about how he kept having the same clothes as Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo…and they were cute….so I looked them up.

    Han Geng has a powerful fan group. Lu Yu said that they invited Han Geng because of how many posts his fans put up. Also, Hunan and SM seems to be really good friends, so there’s no reason why Hunan wouldn’t use him. CCTV wants to use him because he’s 1.Korean 2.the only popular mainlander not from their enemies.
    On the other hand, BOBO has only Dragon TV, which is mainly using gogoclub as its drama leads probably since HY makes its own dramas….but all the good HY dramas so far are wuxia…and those don’t fit BOBO’s image right now.

  4. I love Kim JungHoon! But it seems like he always gets annoying roles.
    I havn’t watched Lian Ai Bing Fa yet though.

    I don’t really know much about BOBO at all. :/

  5. I was wondering about that…

    Before I actually started reading the Chinese news sites, I had always, like probably most people, assumed non-mainlanders were more popular in the mainland but after going to Tieba, which has the most threads and more active threads in the mainland section, and reading Sina and Sohu…I realize more mainland stuff gets covered than anywhere is. Anytime anyone does a small photoshoot or commercial, it’s reported whereas this isn’t true for HK/Taiwan.

    I knew BoBo was popular, but I never realized that they could possibly be more popular than SJ-M until I went on Tieba.

    So what I don’t get though, is why is BoBo is not getting the same treatment as Han Geng if they are more popular, which was what made me think they weren’t as popular. Like Han Geng gets to star in two dramas, etc. It also seems like he goes on so many shows compared to BoBo. And BoBo has Hua Yi to back them. There’s no excuse. Maybe it’s the overseas fans that make me think that…anytime Han Geng breathes they post it on youtube, but BoBo has like zilch. Even the person that introduced me to BoBo, well not introduced, but kept me up to date with them has disappeared.

    Oh and Go Go Club? Where are these guys, as a group I mean? They were in a way the first moderately successful boyband in China, even if they are a little too old to be called that, and their friendship was really genuine as well.

    I want to see this:

  6. BOBO.

    Han Geng has at least 1/2 of all SJM fans. The rest aren’t that popular. Not that Baidu is the best indication of anything, but the combine number of fans of all SJM members is about 100000( Han Geng counts for over half of them). And note that many of those members are probably repeats since the different fanclubs are probably friends.

    Meanwhile, Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo each has over 65000, and there’s probably fewer crossovers.

    Plus, in the “solo” voting events, Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo are both way above SJM.

  7. Well, I wouldn’t call her not popular.

    I’d say she’s in the same league as Rene Liu. She’s left Taiwan idol dramas and does classier stuff now.

    But even if she wasn’t popular, that’s still not what I am basing that comment on…BoBo hasn’t acted at all besides those short My Hero clips (Jing Boran I thought was pretty good)…they need to prove themselves. So I guess I’m looking forward to Fu Xinbo’s minidrama.

    Curious, who do you think has more fans in China? BoBo (including the Only B/B fans) or SJ-M?

  8. Vivian’s not that popular anymore, though. I’m sure BOBO has more fans than her now. (And by BOBO fans, I meant a combination of Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo fans)

    The article said that it would be filmed by Warner Bros, which has an abudant supply of good actresses. He zhuoyan would be cute (former super girl, too!)

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