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Maybe for real this time? Let’s see how it goes. If there’s something very interesting I’ll post. Gotta catch up on some stuff…if anyone wants to guest write, email me.

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  1. Yeah, I do agree that Japan has more of a diverse range in music. However, I think Korea’s success pretty much rests on their packaging of idols. They focus heavily on presentation – style, dancing, photo shoots, etc. This appeals very much to the younger population because it looks trendy.

    If China follows that route, I don’t think it will hurt the music industry because there’s so much variety – I remember you wrote something around these lines somewhere.

    Korea sees that China will be the next biggest market and they are already have plans in the works to penetrate that market with Chinese singers- SM and JYP companies. Korean companies are thus a step ahead in regards to establishing an idol company in China. I’m fine with that to an extent… but I don’t think the idol business in China should be dictated or overrun by Korean companies. They seem to have that mindset.

  2. It’s odd though…kpop has a lot of news sites but jpop doesn’t, and to be honest, Jpop is more wellrounded and more well developed as an industry, with a very diverse range of music unlike cpop and kpop. Korea has hip-hop and China has rock but Japan branches out to everything and yet, not a whole lot of news blogs on them. But yes, I do think China will be tapping into their market very soon.

    Chinese entertainment went through a complete makeover in the last three years (there were no idols before then) which is really fast if you think about it and the competition from Korea will probably quicken the jump into mainstream idol business. Japan never really affected China but Korea seems like it’s always trying to get into the Chinese market and China senses that and seems to be answering by finally allowing their own idols to flourish. It’ll be pretty amazing once it does really get started though, since with 1.3 billion people ranging from diverse areas (ex: Sichuan province which is basically a hotpot of great singers due to what I believe is thier altitude or something), there’s really an endless talentpool. As of right now however, there are no companies that will take an unknown, and then train them from ground up, which is the big problem with Chinese Idol Entertainment.

  3. Yeah, I think publicity will get better as China rises and inevitably embrace the profitable business of idol groups. Boybands are just starting to emerge it seems and once it’s more established, I think it’ll be able to attract the youth in the same way other countries have done.

    Chinese entertainment blogs/sites has to start somewhere and I do think they will blow up in a few years – just look at Kpop.

  4. Thanks for the feedback..I’ll try to introduce some more of the mainstream idol variety. They’re really all quite generally talented as of now, and I don’t mind posting on them though I like to mix in Indie news too. Actually it’s funny, this probably is the only English-language place that posts news on mainland Chinese idols, whereas there’s several that post on mainland Chinese indie. I guess all I can say is that Chinese idols have bad publicity.

  5. I can speak Chinese, but not very fluently and I’m not literate in it either.

    I don’t know much about Chinese entertainment so this blog introduces me to a lot of things – I didn’t know anything about Superboys or BoBo before I came to this blog.

  6. Yeah, that’s kind of annoying…I need to get someone to post these articles there for me. I don’t have the time.

    I have a question though, for people who come here for mainland entertainment news, do you come here because you want to be introduced to it or you already know but you only know English? Because I had an impression that if you knew about BoBo, Superboys, etc…then your Chinese must already be fairly good, how else would you have found out about them? And if that’s true then is this blog necessary?

  7. I hope you come back! This is pretty much the only place I know that covers Chinese entertainment news.

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