A Drink is Worth a Thousand Words


It’s become a cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words but lately Chinese media have been going for a variation on that, trying to describe the future of two famous Chinese females, dominant in their respective spheres based on what and how they drink. Neither of these stories warrant a post in themselves, but I found it amusing when juxtaposed together. First rumors of a Zhang Ziyi pregnancy were flying around after she appeared on a talk show. Then at a banquet for the Mei Lan Fang cast and crew she was caught sipping wine putting an end to those rumors quickly. Later, in Japan, Guo Jingjing was photographed sipping away as well, which an entire article was published on how Guo Jingjing was so poised and looked to be settling in to her role as a trendsetting, socialite (in view of her pending marriage). Anyway, silly posts deserve silly polls…so vote!

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