Han Geng and Zhang Junning Filming Dance Scenes Together


I’ve been waiting forever to find pictures of these two dancing together and this is it I guess. I must be the only one who is going to watch this not because of Han Geng but because of Zhang Junning, even though I like Han Geng too. Zhang Juning shot to fame last year when he landed a coveted role in  Five Star Hotel, a Hai Yan drama series. He’s also pretty passionate about dancing, although he never had too much formal training. Zhang Junning seems to be trying to be a triple-threat, with acting, dancing, and sometime soon singing, which was expected since he was a music major at university. Let’s hope he lives to that potential because he’s tremendous eye-candy. More pictures below.

When asked about dancing with Han Geng, Zhang Junning said he felt a lot of pressure because Han Geng was really good, and very professional. For anyone who wants to see Zhang Junning dance and compare (he also really likes Justin Timberlake)…it’s the second half of this clip from Happy Camp, starting at 2:49 minutes in.


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  1. hey, those pictures actually look pretty good. I was really worried about the set and costume of this drama. Zhang Junning is eye candy.

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