When Rock Goes Blindingly Commercial: Shin + BOBO

Ex-frontman of rock band Shin, and now solo rock artist, still named Shin, has been in a flurry of activity for his latest album. First he decided to do a mini-movie MV with Xu Jinglei, Chinese director/actress/top blogger. That’s fine, because what singer wouldn’t want to do a MV with a pretty lady? Then he got together with Joe Cheng, who fed him cake and what not. And that’s fine because who wouldn’t want to be fed cake by a pretty guy? But now he has boy duo BOBO helping him promote as well, in Beijing…which I think definitely steps over some sort of imaginary line for rockers. I mean, what would Cui Jian say? So why ask BoBo, of all people, to help?

Oh, for right, for the hugs.


Watch Fu Xinbo glomp Shin at promotional meet/whatever you want to call it here. It only shows Shin for the first like 10 seconds…then it’s just all Jing Boran closeups.


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