Seventeen (三门汀) – Cheng Quan Ai Single


I decided to put this song up for download due to what I believe is a positive response to it (which is why people should comment more!). I normally would never do this on this site but I highly doubt that you’ll be able to buy this single anywhere. Even if you did, since it’s encased in some sort of flimsy cardboard packaging it may not survive overseas shipping.

Edited with more download link options.

This way, at least if you have this on your ipod, they’ll always be remembered, even if as a group they never make it. It’s a shame…they’ve been out longer than both H.I.T-5 and Top Combine but aren’t getting as much promotion, despite all having nice voices that harmonize really, really nicely, and participating in more civic activities than most boybands.

Download at megaupload or at mediafire or at sendspace at 192 kbps. And because I want to see how many people actually took it, I made a poll:

18 thoughts on “Seventeen (三门汀) – Cheng Quan Ai Single

  1. im not 100% sure but it seems that way, they stopped updating their blogs and stuff….i really hope its not true

  2. wow these guys are good. loved the song
    i wish they could make it out into the boyband world..i’d love to hear more of them

  3. Mr Peng I don’t know what you mean by ipod youtube, but I added another link, for mediafire.

    And I agree, vocally they’re the best but imo they’re not ever getting that MV, since it’s already been a while since that song’s been out.

  4. Ooh, I’m liking your blog more and more! You suggest really good Asian bands for us to look at; most of the bands I found are from watching hours of TV xD;; But anyway, I’ll have to check out this Seventeen!

  5. i listen to that song often on my ipod touch. its a really good song. but the problem is, its bookmarked on ipod youtube, so i cant listen to it on the road. and for some reason i can never download anything from megaupload. seventeen needs an “mv” i think thats the main, main reason why they arnt as popular as hit-5 and top combine.

  6. What is the translation for the name of this song? >.<
    Thanks for the download. I love listening to new artists :D.

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