Oh…that’s a lot of acronyms and shorthands and Os. Speaking of BoBo, here’s the CF I wrote a while back on. Oppo is a Chinese electronics company with branches in both the US and Korea, and the commercial is targeted towards China, Japan and South Korea.  If this is the final product after all that money, then all I have to say is, what a complete waste of money in a time of financial crisis.

Edit: Question…why are people not as interested in BoBo as the boybands? I mean they can sing, their looks are perfect, and their friendship is so pure.


Official new pics for this ad. In HQ, click for bigger versions.

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  1. or like how no one knows Jane Zhang (actually, her youtube video has a million view…but still no one knows her) despite her amazing theme songs.

    answer: because they don’t have a big company name (ie. SM or Johnny), and haven’t been in any idol dramas.

    and I wonder too…how can people like Top Combine and HIT-5, but not BOBO? Unlike the two above groups, every member of BOBO has perfect looks and a cute personality. They can dance and sing relatively well, and have good songs. Even more importantly, they have a real friendship. In China…I blame it on the cough…only fans…cough…

  2. BoBo is popular in China, but I guess I’m referring to the overseas population who has no idea who they are. Like no one knows who Zhang Jie is despite his amazing EP.

  3. BOBO has definitely grew onto me because I watched My Hero as well, cheering them on, and even when I was in China, frantically trying to find the channel My Hero was on, I was still cheering them on. I don’t really get what you mean. How are they not popular? They’ve been rated almost next to Zhang Jie.

  4. That ad doesn’t look big budgeted at all but at least they look good~

    I also watched My Hero and I agree with you, their friendship was very cute and they seem to be staying close to their real selves – but maybe its because of this that they seem more ordinary and hence less faraway and like a celebrity? Plus their singing is above average but not spectacular and they haven’t had much dance training that I know of.

    I don’t know much about Hit 5, but compared to Top Combine, My Hero was less popular than Superboy and looking at how much promotion, training, korean producers TP had, I’d say they had alot more budget. Because TP is following the korean boyband template, their appearance is more badass, hot, and good at 装酷-ing, and I guess more girls like that type? Ok I have no idea….but I’m rooting for all of them because their one of china’s first idol boy bands~

  5. The babyfaced one sitting with the girl is 19 and the other one is 21 I believe, but they’re both tall (>6ft), if that helps. A bit too young for me actually but I’m rather fond of them as I watched My Hero, and since you could see them grow and become friends on that show. They just seem very genuine, and I like the fact that they were put together because they were friends, in that order. And I like the fact that they basically look the same as they did on that show…very little gimmicky boyband hairstyling/dying. Just normal.

    First song, which they sang at the paralympics:

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